February 5, 2015

Nick's Big Stupid Reincarnation Chart

Tonight at my friendly local gaming store I was asked if I knew of a big weird reincarnation chart.  I couldn't think of one off the top of my head, so I ended up making my own.  It involves some nested charts in order to give plenty of options.  I wanted to make it modular enough so that certain charts or entries could be switched out, allowing for easy conversion for different settings.

Nick's Big Stupid Reincarnation Chart

Roll a d12

1. Roll on the Creature/Beast Chart
2. Roll on the Creature/Beast Chart
3. Roll on the Creature/Beast Chart
4. Roll on the Exotic Sentient Chart
5. Roll on the Exotic Sentient Chart
6. Human
7. Elf
8. Dwarf
9. Halfling
10. Same as original species
11. Same as original species
12. Same as original species

The Creature/Beast Chart
I think it can be fun to have PC minds trapped in seemingly stupid beasts, even though it's not strictly by the book reincarnation for many versions of the game.  I think it's fine as long as you are open to letting the PCs take a quest in order to get a new body for their friend who is now an animal.

I'll probably use one of these excellent random animal charts, since I haven't made my own yet.
Jeff's Gameblog - Random Mutant Animal Stock (d100 chart)
Roll and Shout - Random Animal Table (uses 3d6 for 216 different results)

The Exotic Sentient Chart 
I'll want to use a different version of this chart for each setting that I run.  It will generally include some common monster races for that setting as well as some more interesting options.  For example, here is a perfectly cromulent exotic sentient chart for the Hill Cantons setting.
The Hill Cantons Big Dumb Reincarnation Chart

Below is the draft chart for my Ancients&Aliens setting.
1.  Orionixie
2.  Halflingon
3.  Andwarvian (blue dwarves, white hair, ultravision, UV emitting antennae, Dex less than 9)
4.  Elfulan
5.  Mutant (same species as original, but also roll on my mutation chart d6 times)
6.  Ratling
7.  Minotaur
8.  Satyr
9.  Serpentaur (full snake below the waist, scaly arms and body, snake head)
10. The Cloven (small goat-headed necromongers)
11.  Naked Mole Ratling
12.  Morlock
13.  Skeksis
14.  Sleestak
15. Triclops (mostly human, three eyes)
16.  Mongrelman (Enjoy!  Roll 5x on the Creature/Beast Chart for: head, arm, arm, body, legs)
17.  Newhon Ghoul (all skin and organs are transparent, only the bones can be seen)
18.  Dire Creature (roll on the Creature/Beast Chart, but now you're big)
19.  Beastman (orange fur, tusks, big ears)
20.  Kobold
21.  Goblin
22.  Orc
23.  Ogre
24.  Gnoll
25.  Neanderthal

26.  Lizardfolk
27.  Griffon
28.  Centaur
29.  Pixie
30.  Gelatinous Cube