June 21, 2014

LL Custom Class: Elfulan

By Karracaz
This class was made for my Ancients and Aliens setting reboot.  It was all a perfectly vanilla fantasy world until aliens showed up and wrecked the place.  Bombs and memory stealing clouds caused elvish civilization to crumble into savagery, robots and mutant horrors were sent underground to hunt down any pockets of dwarven resistance.  The Anunnaki aliens practiced their genetic experiments for millennia and eventually created a number of hybrid slave races... like these elfulan people, the halflingons, andwarvians, and eventually humans.

Requirements:  Constitution of 8 or less
Prime Requisite: STR and INT
Hit Dice: d6
Max Level: 10
Hit Progression: as Fighter
Saves: as Elf
Weapons: Any
Armor: Any
Special Abilities:

Infravision 60'
+1 Strength (and green blood)
Find Secret Doors (2 in 6)
Armored M-U Spellcasting
Magic/Spell Research

Elfulans claim to be the first people that the Anunnaki created here on Earth.  The Anunnaki mixed the genetic material of the natives elves with a strong and intelligent alien race.  Some of the elfulans acted as personal servants and bodyguards for their Anunnaki gods, but most are now soldiers under the command of the Magi who use them to guard the ziggurats and police the cities.

In the distant past a group of Elfulans turned against their Anunnaki masters.  Their treachery was quickly swept away and they were never seen again.  After this it became a standard policy that all Elfulan children should be taken at the age of 5 and enrolled in special boarding schools until they reach adulthood.  Only when satisfied with a student's obedience would they advance to classes in magic and weapons training.  Upon graduation they were given a possession which they prized above all others, a silvery "loyalty collar" which would never be removed.

The Anunnaki could will these collars explode if an Elfulan displeased them.

Since the Anunnaki's abrupt departure 50 years ago, the obedience schools are now run solely by proud Elfulan traditionalists.  Most Elfulan children are still taught there, but parents do tend to wait until their children are older before sending them off.  The Anunnaki took the secret of crafting the silvery collars with them when they left.  The fresh graduates now make due with non-exploding collars of bronze.

Recently some of the more liberal Elfulan parents are now keeping their children out of the boarding schools completely.  The home schooled are looked down upon, and generally considered to be untrustworthy troublemakers.  Any Elfulan not wearing a collar will likely have difficulties when interacting with their Elfulan peers (peers who often work in law enforcement).

100 Base
70   Hit Dice: d6
70   Hit Progression: Fighter (+2 hp after L9)
15   Max Level: 10th
35  Elf saves
60   Armor: Any
90   Weapons: Any
60   Magic: no divine scrolls
15   Infravision 60'
25   +1 Strength
10   Detect Secret Door (2 in 6)
55   Armored M-U Spellcasting (+15% for padded - scale, +40% for chain - shield)
25   Magic/Spell Research 
170 Spells: Magic User Spell Progression at Lvl1, 5th lvl spells max
Spellbook User Base Experience X Elf Class 800%
0 -----------Level 1 ------------- 0
500 --------Level 2 -------  4000
1000 -------Level 3 ------- 8000
2000------- Level 4 -----  16000
4000 ------ Level 5 ------ 32000
8000 ------ Level 6 -----  64000
16000 -----Level 7 ---- 128,000
25000 -----Level 8 ---- 200,000
50000 -----Level 9 ---  400,000
________ Level 10+ ________
2hp/Level = +200,000 each
Level 10 @ 600,000

***Oh sweet!  Building this class helped me realize that casting M-U spells while wearing armor needs to have an xp cost on my Custom Class Builder Thingy.  This changes everything!  The high xp chart for the Elf class finally makes sense to me.... We are go for armored spellcasting classes.***

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