July 1, 2014

Ancients & Aliens - Session 2: The Chaotic Caves of Chaos

Once more our intrepid adventurers return to .... oh wait, no.  Almost everyone else had to skip this session for various reasons.  Real life happens sometimes.  Oh well, no worries.  Solo mission!

Once more our lone intrepid adventurer... oh right, your character died last time.  Sorry dude.

A new intrepid adventurer steps forth to battle the minions of Chaos!

Saruk the Elfulan arrives in Niru looking for both fame and fortune.  The magi in Niru are very happy to see an elfulan willing to join their other hired sword-hands.  The magi are keenly aware of the lack of discipline within Watchkeeper Hall, and they hope that this new elfulan might help to motivate and focus the other mercenaries.  Saruk soon agrees to lead a group of adventurers and investigate some caves where trouble is brewing.

Recently, scouts have confirmed the location of a group of caves that seem to be a staging ground for orcs, goblins, and other deviants who threaten the safety of Niru.  The magi have called for volunteers to investigate the caves, reduce the number of adversaries if they can, and then report back.  Well, that was a week ago and no one has stepped forward yet.

So now that they have Saruk willing to lead a group, the magi decide to set up a lottery.  A bag of stones is passed around Watchkeeper Hall and whoever draws one of the four black stones wins the honor of going out to help search the caves.  The silence is deafening as the bag is passed around the hall.  There is a bit of a commotion as a warrior named Thangdun willingly trades his non-black stone for a black one.  His friend (Sneaky Nikezheb) had drawn one of the black stones and Thangdun is a man who watches out for his friends.  Zsheel the Halflingon and Lairizhaag the Braggart are the other two "lucky winners".

Surprisingly, one of the apprentice magi steps up and volunteers to join the group [Wis 4].  Lithsharric wants to use a charm spell to interrogate one of the cave dwellers and learn more about their numbers and intentions (Int 14).  The young magi's master pulls Saruk aside and instructs him to "Do your best to keep my pupil safe".  Saruk glances over at the young magi [Str:5, Dex:6, Con:8] and answers "I'll try".

The party is led to the area of the caves by a scout, who then says "Good luck" and promptly leaves.  Saruk is a cautious elfulan and chooses to spend a few days watching the various cave entrances while the sun is up, then hiding his group at night while the orcs are more active.  The area around the caves looks like this...

Each square = 20 feet

They approach the largest cave first.  In front of the wide opening is a marble platform ringed by steps.  On the platform are five broken pillars.  Stones and rubble that were once the ceiling of this structure have been tossed into a pile at the base of the eastern hillside.

Saruk sneaks onto the platform and hides behind the remains of the northeastern pillar.  It's early morning and the hill puts this area in enough shadow that Saruk can peer inside and look down the tunnel with his infravision.  The hallway beyond the entrance is 40 feet wide with a pair of columns every 20 feet.  At the very edge of his infravision he can see humanoid shapes, motionless, very thin, no heat... maybe statues?  He doesn't care for it.  Saruk sneaks back to his group and instructs everyone to move on to the next cave to the west.

With most of the group quietly waiting in the south end of a long strip of forest, Saruk and Nikezheb sneak north along the treeline to the cave that they saw some elves and a dwarf enter a few days ago.  Saruk is just about to break cover and head for the entrance when a dwarf strolls out of the cave and starts heading straight toward them.  There is a tense moment as the dwarf walks closer, but our heroes keep their cool and remain motionless.  Once the dwarf arrives at the forest he opens his pants and starts to pee on a tree.

Saruk comes up behind the dwarf and puts a sword to his neck.  The dwarf is ordered to be silent.  Saruk leads him into the woods toward the group, but he lets the dwarf close his pants first which I thought was a classy move.  His party is silently impressed when Saruk returns with a prisoner.  They've all heard stories, but most of them have never even seen a dwarf before.

Lithsharric makes with the charm spell and starts asking the dwarf a bunch of questions.  The dwarf is named Kelvar.  He says that the big cave is an old dwarven tomb, that he and the elves are here to fight the orcs, and that there are "about six" elves in the cave.  The dwarf keeps asking questions of his own about where the party is from and suggesting that "we should all work together to fight the orcs" and "let me introduce you to the elves".  Saruk grows suspicious, the dwarf's answers are too dodgy and vague.  He and Lithsharric quietly agree that the spell may have failed.  After a time the party can hear some elves in the distance calling out for Kelvar.  Saruk agrees to let Kelvar introduce them, but advises Lithsharric to stay hidden in the woods.  The rest of the party follows Kelvar warily.

Kelvar leads them out of the woods and into the tall grass, they meet four elves about 40 feet south of the cave entrance.  There is a strange sort of exchange where Kelvar does most of the talking.  The party is invited inside the cave to meet the leader, but Saruk refuses and demands to meet their leader out here in the open.  Kelvar goes inside to fetch the leader, and leaves the party and the four elves to some of the most awkwardly uncomfortable small talk of all time.

Minutes pass while everyone watches to see who will come out of the cave entrance.  After a while the party hears a snapping branch and sees movement in the western trees.  "Not nice." says Saruk, and the battle begins.   The four elves in front of them dish out some damage, but they are quickly overwhelmed.  Six more elves come out the trees and ready their bows.  Lairizhaag the Braggart charges the archers alone while the others try to finish off the four elves in melee and Saruk drinks an entire flask of liquid courage to dull the pain.  Lithsharric comes running out of the trees chased by a laughing Kelvar the dwarf who has axe in hand and murder in his eyes.

http://frostiefilly.deviantart.com/art/Thrathen-408498560Lairizhaag the Braggart somehow dodges through the volley of arrows unharmed and is about to strike back when Saruk casts his sleep spell.  [John decided to use his once-per-session-d30 at this point.  He puts to sleep 28HD of enemies]  The six elf archers fall asleep.  Kelvar the dwarf falls asleep.  Five elves still hidden in the forest fall asleep.  The forest goes silent and a couple of birds fall from the sky.  Everyone in the party slowly turns and looks at Saruk.

Throats are cut, elvish bows are looted, and Kelvar the dwarf is tied up and pulled along struggling all the way back to town.

The whole town is impressed, and Saruk gets a small bonus of gold coins from the magi who take the dwarf for questioning.  At the human supremacist tavern, The Weary Ass, Lairizhaag the Braggart actually manages to get a table and a pint of beer for Zsheel the Halflingon.  Then Saruk, Thangdun, and Nikezheb go off to try and sell some elvish bows to a shopkeeper.

Saruk doesn't like the look of Crazy Gorgathon, so he decides to go visit Sweeney's General Store instead.  Sweeney's store is currently being run by Sweeney's daughter Deandre.  She doesn't know much about elf bows or armaments in general and only offers 20 gold for each bow.  Saruk asks why she is offering so little, and she explains that she needs to make some fast gold to pay the ransom for her father.

It turns out that Sweeney went traveling over a week ago with some armed guards, he's gone out to trade with elves in the past, but this time he didn't come back.  Then, a few days ago, one of Sweeney's guards returned to Niru saying that some orcs captured them all and are now demanding 500 gold coins to release Sweeney.  The orcs sent the guard back to Niru along with one of Sweeney's fingers to show that they were serious.  Well, Deandre doesn't have 500 gold, and she's only willing to buy items if it's at a low enough price that she can turn around and sell them to make a quick profit, and the orcs only gave her a week to drop off the sack of coins, and that was three days ago, and for the love of the gods, please!, can you do something?!, help my father!

So, Saruk and company go and sell the elvish bows to Gorgathon.  Obviously.

Crazy Gorgathon
Saruk did agree to help Deandre's father though, so after business he goes and talks to this released prisoner fellow and figures out that Sweeney is being held in one of the caves the party was just investigating  After questioning the man further about what he saw, Saruk even has a pretty good idea of which exact cave Sweeney is being held captive in.

So the next day Saruk takes his band of misfits back out into the wilds, fills a couple of orc guards full of arrows before they know what happened, storms into a cave complex full of orcs, kills about 7 more orcs and a beastman covered in orange fur, sets fire to a wolf pen, ties up the orc jailor/torturer, and rescues the 9-fingered merchant from his cell.  The party hustles out of the cave and rush out of the area.  Saruk brings Sweeney safely back to town having never lost any member of his party in either adventure. 

Saruk is now a household name within the walls of Niru.

Deandre is very grateful to have her father home, but after a week or so it is obvious that Sweeney is a changed man.  He won't talk about what happened in the caves, but Deandre fears that he may never snap out of it.  He acts manic at times.  He says that he is living on borrowed time and intends to live life to the fullest.  He hangs out at his store mostly, but Deandre is doing all the work now.  He'll sneak off on his own sometimes and damage property around town or take unwatched items like food and tools.  The whole town knows his story, and thus far people just shoo him away rather than report him to the guards.  He isn't violent, and usually just leaves if confronted.

Yes, I've cast Danny DeVito to play Sweeney.  Yes, the orcs had stripped and shaved him for some reason.

June 30, 2014

Ancients & Aliens - Session 1: Niru

This was a few weeks ago, so the facts here may not be exact.  Four players for the first session.  They roll up some characters and we start our adventures with Allen the human professional (thief),  a halflingon named Rawwrg, Jakob the ratling, and a mutant named Ony who looks mostly human if you ignore the scaly legs and prehensile reptilian tail.

The party starts off in Niru as hired swords tasked with protecting the citizens who go out afield for their daily work.  The magi don't really micromanage these mercenaries that they've hired for one gold piece a day, they just require that you go out and do something to help keep Niru safe.  Some of the mercenaries that have been hired aren't well motivated, and rumors are floating around that some of these guys are just hiding out during the day and then coming back at sunset to collect the pay.  Even the ones who do go out to guard the farmers and lumberjacks will usually run back to town with the workers at the first sign of trouble.

The party chooses to protect the workers who are going out of town to collect some stone.  The remains of an old dwarven fort are only a few miles from town, and workers have been busy pulling stones from the crumbling perimeter walls.  The stones are put on wagons and then hauled back to Niru where the stonemasons are using them to build a new city wall that will hopefully encompass all the tents and hovels of the refugees from Kutha.  Niru currently has only a 10' high wooden palisade, and the space within is so limited that almost all the refugees are camped outside of that.

A few other guards are traveling with the workers and the slow moving wagons, so the four PCs decide to scout ahead and check the area before the workers even arrive.  They have to travel though a few miles of forest to get there, but the ruts from stone laden wagons lead them to the ruined fort without incident.

The ruined fort is up on a small hilltop in a big open clearing.  It's mostly just piles of rubble at this point, but the first and second floor of the main keep are still partially standing near the center of the ruins.  The surrounding area seems clear, so they start poking around the ruins and peek inside a window of the keep.  Nothing unusual.  While everyone else is talking, Allen heads over to the main entrance of the keep.  

Inside is a long windowless hallway with a some light coming in from the doorways of other rooms along the sides of the hall.  At the far end of the hallway is an orc sleeping beside the remains of wooden double doors, he is sitting with his back against the wall holding a spear and a shield.  Allen motions the other party members over, and as they begin to whisper a plan Rawwrg the halflingon charges forward with an ax in each hand yelling "Rawwwwrg!".  The others quickly ready their bow and slings as the orc wakes up, stands, and yells "Intruders!".  The dice start rolling and the first orc goes down, but about a half dozen of his buddies run into the hallway and join the fight.  Rawwrg is quickly surrounded.

Then the first critical hit of the campaign shows up, second round of the first encounter.  I pull out the Arduin crit chart and roll...  Rawwrg disarms one of the orcs by grabbing it's spear with his chest and refusing to let go, he takes d6+4d10 damage.  So endeth Rawwrg.  I felt kinda bad killing off Dave's character so quickly, but I guess the dice want what the dice want.

The fight is touch and go after that, but the other three PCs manage to survive, killing all of the orcs.  Bodies are looted, and a clay tablet is found.  It has traveling instructions and a crude map with a rendezvous point.  The workers arrive safely, and the guards escorting them suggest that the wounded party go and rest in town and to take their dead friend to the magi before he zombifies.

After returning to town the group is joined by Dave's new human Jedite character.  They meet Hessia the human supremacist and proprietor of a local tavern, The Weary Ass.  The ratling and the mutant decide to visit the other tavern instead.  After they heal up, the group heads out again.  This time to investigate some reports of giant toad activity in the swamp next to the old dwarf road.  They even talk two of the other watchkeepers into traveling with them to check it out.

http://elifsiebenpfeiffer.deviantart.com/Turns out that there was a harpy roosting up in swamp tower, a mostly collapsed structure about 100 feet or so from the road.  She was luring travelers into the marsh with her song and letting the giant toads have a free meal.  They had developed quite a taste for it and were starting to hang out near the road to grab their own meals.  She won't be singing anymore though, Allen shot an arrow into her throat  thanks to another Arduin critical hit.  Then one of the toads chomped on Allen a bit too hard and he died too.  Oh, and one of the NPCs got ripped in half by two of the other toads.  All six toads are dead now, and the party retrieved the two human bodies out of the swamp.

The magi examined the clay tablet that the PCs found on the orcs and have sent scouts out to check that area.  The scouts say that there is a gorge and collection of caves there, they also found orc and goblin tracks in the area.  Also, now that swamp tower is cleared out, some of the guards are being posted there during daylight hours.  It's a broken tower and only a little over 30 feet tall, but it gives a decent view of the old dwarf road and the surrounding marshland, so that side of town is pretty secure now.  They've built a ladder inside the tower and repaired part of the platform at the top.

The lamentation priests say that their rituals and dirges were successful and your friends will not rise again.  The bodies of Rawwrg and Allen were buried in the usual place.  The usual place being in the ground under the beds that they used to sleep in, so there was a nice service right there inside Watchkeeper Hall.  Then everybody helped cover the bodies with dirt, smoothed down the floor and moved the beds back over top of the graves.  The lamentation priests assure everyone that there is nothing to worry about, but if any of you feel the ground under your bed start to move then you should come and wake us up "just in case".

Sleep tight :-)

June 29, 2014

Ancients & Aliens - Session 0: Pregame info-dump

I know I shouldn't info-dump, but I did, so...

I gave the group some setting info before and during the first session.  The setting is not traditional and I didn't want to blindside them with all my weirdness.  So I tried to just throw it all out there and be up-front about it.  It was probably too much.  Maybe I'll just start everyone off in a gladiator pit next time, fighting for their lives with no explanation.

The setting is fantasy ancient Mesopotamia.  Humans and a lot of other genetic freaks were created to serve as slaves by the Anunnaki, who ruled as living gods.  Elvish and Dwarvish civilization was wiped out back when the Anunnaki first arrived in their spaceships.  Clouds of forgetfulness descended, setting those civilizations back into the stone age in a matter of days.  Their ancient knowledge trapped in books while they have forgotten how to read.  Rumors persist of Dwarven cities sealed off somewhere deep underground, but the Anunnaki sent down robots and all kinds of mutant horrors to hunt those guys into extinction millennia ago.

The party is starting out in the town of Niru.  Umma, Kish, and Niru were once all minor suburbs of the city Kutha.  After some weird rumors about stuff going on down in the Underworld, Nergal (the god of pestilence and war) led an army of followers, all his magi, and many demons through the streets of Kutha and into his ziggurat temple named Meslam in the center of the city.  From there they went through the magical gateway, stormed the fortress Ganzer, and fought their way through the seven gates of Ganzer and into the Underworld.  They haven't been seen since.

Shortly after, all of the other Anunnaki gods sealed up the magical gateways to the underworld in their ziggurats.  Then they were all suddenly late for some appointment up in the sky.  They all took off in their shiny silver skycraft saying things like "Take care of everything while I'm gone" and "I'll be right back" and "It's fine, it's fine, EVERYTHING IS FINE NOW JUST GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

That was fifty years ago.  Now weird portals open and close on the surface world sometimes, unleashing demonic horrors.  The wild races like elves and orcs are growing bolder, attacking travelers and outposts.  The magi of the ziggurats, former middlemen of the Anunnaki, are running out of high level scrolls and are beginning to get desperate.  They are looking for heroes.

Vampires, demons, and other monsters have begun to crawl up out of the ziggurat in Kutha.  The people of Kutha fled and now the walls of Umma, Kish, and Niru are surrounded by tent cities of makeshift hovels full of refugees from Kutha.  The monsters stay mostly within the walls Kutha and feed on the zombies who must pass through there on their way to the Underworld.  Mostly.   The Ulu does roam around the countryside a bit, and vampires sometimes.  It's a problem.  Especially since the Ulu is over 30 feet tall now and just seems to keep growing as it eats more zombies, demons, living people, and livestock.

The Kutha Ulu

Anyhow... Magi of various faiths have come in and taken over the town of Niru.  They would like to get into Kutha and take control of the ziggurat there.  They can't seem to agree on what to do with the ziggurat after that, but they are working together right now just to get in there.  Niru is across the river from Kutha, and the Ulu and vampires seem to have trouble crossing the Euphrates, so... that's nice.

However there are a bunch of orcs, and elves, and all kinds of other troubles that seem to be descending upon Niru from the opposite side.  Supposedly there are a bunch of old caves that the wild races are gathering at.  There is also an old elven wizard tower in the woods somewhere with a dungeon below that is full of monsters, maybe even a dragon.

The people of Niru are busy farming, baking mud bricks, cutting down trees, and collecting stones to use in making new homes and improving/expanding the walls of the city.  The magi have been hiring adventurers, watchers, and scouts to protect the citizens as they venture away from town to do this work.  That is where the PCs come in.  The PCs get free room and board in a big open one-room hall along with all the other desperate vagabonds who've signed up.  Two free meals each day, the first meal is runny porridge, and the second is called "Mystery Stew".  I assure you that the mystery ingredient is not love.  However, they do earn 1gp per day, and maybe they can buy some love with that.

Oh, did I forget to mention that any time a member of the slave races created by the Anunnaki dies they rise again as a zombie after a day or so and then make "the long walk" all the way to the Underworld?  It's an even longer walk now that all the ziggurats have their magical portals sealed.  The only one still open is in Kutha, so all the dead are walking to Kutha now.  If you can afford it, the lamentation priests of the magi say that they can perform rituals on a dead body to send the spirit straight into the Underworld without the body needing to rise again in order to make the journey.  Some people prefer that, but others are more traditional and want to take their body with them.  Anyhow, the walking dead are mostly passive if you stay out of their way.  Sometimes they'll get bitey if it's night time, or if you mess with them, or if they see their killer and a chance for vengeance.  Once a zombie tastes blood they forget all about their trip to the Underworld and will do whatever it takes to drink more blood and remain in the land of the living.  They are pretty much vampires at that point.

Good Luck!

Character Creation Document

House Rules Document

Special thanks to Jeff Rients since I feel like I mostly just steal his gaming documents and then slightly alter them to suit my needs.  Thanks dude :)

June 21, 2014

LL Custom Class: Elfulan

By Karracaz
This class was made for my Ancients and Aliens setting reboot.  It was all a perfectly vanilla fantasy world until aliens showed up and wrecked the place.  Bombs and memory stealing clouds caused elvish civilization to crumble into savagery, robots and mutant horrors were sent underground to hunt down any pockets of dwarven resistance.  The Anunnaki aliens practiced their genetic experiments for millennia and eventually created a number of hybrid slave races... like these elfulan people, the halflingons, andwarvians, and eventually humans.

Requirements:  Constitution of 8 or less
Prime Requisite: STR and INT
Hit Dice: d6
Hit Progression: Fighter
Saves: as Elf
Max Level: 10
Weapons: Any
Armor: Any
Special Abilities:

Infravision 60'
+1 Strength (and green blood)
Find Secret Doors (2 in 6)
Armored M-U Spellcasting
Magic/Spell Research

Elfulans claim to be the first people that the Anunnaki created here on Earth.  The Anunnaki mixed the genetic material of the natives elves with a strong and intelligent alien race.  Some of the elfulans acted as personal servants and bodyguards for their Anunnaki gods, but most are now soldiers under the command of the Magi who use them to guard the ziggurats and police the cities.

In the distant past a group of Elfulans turned against their Anunnaki masters.  Their treachery was quickly swept away and they were never seen again.  After this it became a standard policy that all Elfulan children should be taken at the age of 5 and enrolled in special boarding schools until they reach adulthood.  Only when satisfied with a student's obedience would they advance to classes in magic and weapons training.  Upon graduation they were given a possession which they prized above all others, a silvery "loyalty collar" which would never be removed.

The Anunnaki could will these collars explode if an Elfulan displeased them.

Since the Anunnaki's abrupt departure 50 years ago, the obedience schools are now run solely by proud Elfulan traditionalists.  Most Elfulan children are still taught there, but parents do tend to wait until their children are older before sending them off.  The Anunnaki took the secret of crafting the silvery collars with them when they left.  The fresh graduates now make due with non-exploding collars of bronze.

Recently some of the more liberal Elfulan parents are now keeping their children out of the boarding schools completely.  The home schooled are looked down upon, and generally considered to be untrustworthy troublemakers.  Any Elfulan not wearing a collar will likely have difficulties when interacting with their Elfulan peers (peers who often work in law enforcement).

100 Base
70   Hit Dice: d6
70   Hit Progression: Fighter (+2 hp after L9)
15   Max Level: 10th
35  Elf saves
60   Armor: Any
90   Weapons: Any
60   Magic: no divine scrolls
15   Infravision 60'
25   +1 Strength
10   Detect Secret Door (2 in 6)
55   Armored M-U Spellcasting (+15% for padded - scale, +40% for chain - shield)
25   Magic/Spell Research 
170 Spells: Magic User Spell Progression at Lvl1, 5th lvl spells max
Spellbook User Base Experience X Elf Class 800%
0 -----------Level 1 ------------- 0
500 --------Level 2 -------  4000
1000 -------Level 3 ------- 8000
2000------- Level 4 -----  16000
4000 ------ Level 5 ------ 32000
8000 ------ Level 6 -----  64000
16000 -----Level 7 ---- 128,000
25000 -----Level 8 ---- 200,000
50000 -----Level 9 ---  400,000
________ Level 10+ ________
2hp/Level = +200,000 each
Level 10 @ 600,000

***Oh sweet!  Building this class helped me realize that casting M-U spells while wearing armor needs to have an xp cost on my Custom Class Builder Thingy.  This changes everything!  The high xp chart for the Elf class finally makes sense to me.... We are go for armored spellcasting classes.***

June 13, 2014

LL Custom Class: Jedite

Loyalty, Duty, Honor; this is the Jedite way.

A small group of primitive humans with psychic talent were taught in the ways of an ancient order of mystics dedicated to preserving peace and stability across the galaxy.  Their alien master disappeared mysteriously before their training was complete.  Access to the info-cubes containing the ancient texts were lost when the other aliens abandoned this planet shortly after.

These students eventually proclaimed themselves to be the new masters and took on students of their own.  Each of them interpreting the lessons of their old master a bit differently, and certainly some things were mistranslated.   Explaining a foreign concept to a student is hard enough, but when you are still a little fuzzy on the details yourself; well...

"We are the Jedites.  We strive to follow the path of Jed, and always seek his favor.  Jed's Force is all around us, and with proper focus and discipline Jed will allow us to use some of his power.  Loyalty to Jed, the order, and to the new masters is paramount.  The Jed Eye sees all."

The new masters quarrel among themselves about who should lead, and the Order has fractured into different clans.  Some cities are dominated by a single clan, but other cities have begun to see violence between the clans as they fight over turf and prowl the streets looking for new students.

Children sensitive to the force of Jed are taken into the order and trained from a young age.  Inferior students are pushed to try harder, but those who buckle under the pressure never achieve full Jedite status. 

Requirements: One ability score at 13+
Prime Requisite: WIS and CON
Hit Dice: d7
Max Level: None
Weapons: Any
Armor: Padded, Leather, Studded Leather
Special Abilities:

Through long hours of meditation and practice the Jedites seeks to unlock their hidden psychic talents.  At character creation every Jedite gains the power Jed's Eye (rating 1) and a randomly determined Specialized Fighting Style. Every time the Jedite gains a level, a new Jedite power is gained by rolling on the chart below.  If the result is a power (or fighting style) already possessed, then the player can choose which power they wish to increase.  Each of the seven powers has a maximum rating of 5.

1. Jed's Eye
2. Telepathy
3. Telekinesis
4. Imbue
5. Heal
6. Energy Manipulation
7. Masking
8. Specialized Fighting Style (random) 

Specialized Fighting Styles
Roll a d8 to determine which fighting style is learned.  These fighting styles have no activation cost, but the AC benefits do not apply to surprise attacks (unless the Jedite has Jed's Eye Lv2: Danger Sense activated).  Jedites who know multiple styles may switch between them each round, but the benefits of different styles are never combined.  The fighting style benefits apply to both armed and unarmed melee attacks so long as the Jedite can move about freely and is not wielding a slow, heavy two-handed weapon.

1. Snake Style: +/-2 AC, +1 To-Hit, +1 Damage

"Attack with the head when the tail is attacked, attack with the tail when the head is attacked, and attack with both head and tail when the body is attacked." - Sun Tzu

2. Tiger Style:  +2 To-Hit, +2 Damage

Tiger is an aggressive style that utilizes vicious ripping, tearing and breaking techniques.  Tiger style meets force with force.  Raking fingers and precision chops attempt to gouge, snap joints, and break bones.

3. Flying Eagle Style: Jump ability at will (up to 30ft horizontal, 10ft verticle).  A melee attack made while jumping gets +1 Damage per 10ft.

"Eagle powers... come to me!  Please!" - Nacho
4. Flaming Energy Ball: 30 ft range, target must save vs. dragon breath or take d6 damage

The Jedite forgoes a melee attack and instead concentrates on focusing power into a ball of force which blasts out toward an enemy.  Energy Manipulation power can alter the energy type.

"Hadoken!" - Ryu

5. Two-Headed Snake: reroll one failed attack roll each round

An alternate, more aggressive form of snake style.  The defensive posture of snake is replaced by a fast and fluid assault using feints and misdirection.
 6. Circle of Death Style: If you hit in melee and roll the minimum amount of damage, then this damage is an attempt to use the Jedite Death Grip to stop the heart. In addition to the damage your victim must Save vs. Death or die.

Doesn't work on undead, constructs, or anything bigger than a hobgoblin.

7. Shaolin Bear Strike:  Once per round, if you deal melee damage the victim must Save vs. Paralysis/Stone or be stunned and loose their next action.

The Jedite releases power into each strike attempting to stun their opponent and knock them off balance.

 8. Unique Style!

You've developed your own personal fighting style.  Give your style a name and split 4 bonus points between AC, To-Hit, and Damage; or get your DM to agree to some other special effect.


Jedites use their own hp to activate their abilities, only the fighting styles are free to use.  They may sacrifice a number of hp equal to their level each round.  Sacrificed hp + power rating = the force (effectiveness, range, or duration) of the power used.  A few powers cost only 1hp to remain active for an entire day, others must have their costs paid each round.

Jed's Eye
1st power - Sense Jedite: Cost 1hp/day, Can sense nearby Jedites if their Masking is less
2nd power - Danger Sense: Cost 1hp/day, allows action during any surprise round
3rd power - Battle Precognition: Cost 1hp/day, AC bonus equal to Jed's Eye rating.
4th power - Psychometry: cost dependent on details sought and time elapsed
5th power - Farseeing: cost dependent on distance, familiarity of subject, and more

1st power - Send Thought: 2 or 3 words. Cost determined by distance
2nd power - Comprehend Language: 1hp per turn per individual
3rd power - Suggestion: (force+d20+your WIS minus target WIS: success = 11+)
4th power - Hear Surface Thoughts: 1hp per round per individual, close range
5th power - Rip Memory: sustained touch and force = target WIS+time to find memory

1st power - Push
2nd power - Levitate
3rd power - Choke
4th power - Throw
5th power - Crush

1st power - Accuracy
2nd power - Burst of Speed
3rd power - Weapon +1
4th power - Jump
5th power - Bonus Attacks

1st power - Heal Other
2nd power - Detoxify
3rd power - Heal Self (Meditation: +1hp per turn)
4th power - Cure Disease
5th power - Remove Curse

Energy Manipulation
1st power - Alter
2nd power - Deflect
3rd power - Reduce
4th power - Create
5th power - Absorb/Channel

1st power - Hide from the Eye: Cost 1hp/day, undetectable to Jed's Eye of equal or lesser rating
2nd power - Silent Step: Cost 1hp/day, Move Silently as Thief equal to your level
3rd power - Mental Mask: Cost 1hp/day, save bonus vs. mental effects equal to Masking rating
4th power - Gather Shadows: Cost 1hp/day, Hide in Shadows as Thief equal to your level
5th power - Aether Cloak: Cost 1hp/turn, Invisibility

Most famous clans
Shadow Clan Zadokan
Umma Cynthirr
The Fists of Master Po

100 Base

95   Hit Dice: d7
30   Hit Progression: Cleric/Thief (+1hp after L9)

0     Bonus +1hp after L9
10   Thief saves

10   Armor: Padded, Leather, Studded
90   Weapons: Any
30   Magic: no wands, no spell scrolls

175 One random Jedite Power each level
10   Jed's Eye at Level 1
550 - Total

Student Jedite

10% Tithe Base Experience X Jedite Class 550%
Base XP----*5.5 ---- Student Jedite XP
0 -----------Level 1 ------------- 0
300 --------Level 2 -------  1650

600 --------Level 3 -------  3300
1200 ------ Level 4 -------  6600

2400 ------ Level 5 -----  13200
5000 ------ Level 6 -----  27500
10000 -----Level 7 -----  55000
20000 -----Level 8 ----- 110000
40000 -----Level 9 ----  220000
________ Level 10+ ________

2hp/Level = +120,000 each
Level 20 @ 1,540,000        

If you leave the order and are forced to complete your own training without the aid of a more experienced Jedite, then it will take more experience points to gain new levels.

Ronin Jedite
Standard Base Experience X Jedite Class 550%
Base XP----*5.5 ----- Ronin Jedite XP
0 -----------Level 1 ------------- 0
400 --------Level 2 -------  2200

800 --------Level 3 -------  4400
1600 ------ Level 4 ------   8800

3200 ------ Level 5 -----  17600
6400 ------ Level 6 -----  35200
12800 -----Level 7 -----  70400
24000 -----Level 8 ----- 132000
48000 -----Level 9 ----  264000
________ Level 10+ ________

2hp/Level = +120,000 each
Level 20 @ 1,584,000   

May 19, 2014

LL Custom Class: Amazon Huntress

The Amazons are all fiercely independent female warriors and shamans, but only a few have been specially blessed by the goddess of the hunt.  These Amazon Huntresses are utterly at home in the forest, and are able to gain the trust and loyalty of wild animals.  While rare, a Huntress need not be born an Amazon; some women gain these abilities after living alone in the wild lands for years.  Nor is belief in the goddess a requirement, instead the goddess will bless worthy women who break free of male dominated society and embody the wild huntress aspect of the warrior goddess.

Most Amazons are impressive warriors, equal to male fighters in all respects.  Amazon daughters begin their martial training at a young age, taught by their mothers to protect themselves from male aggression.  A Huntress has honed her skills even further, she usually has quicker reflexes and better accuracy with bows and thrown weapons.  Amazon warriors can wear any armor, but the Huntress prefers not to sacrifice her freedom of movement and wears only leather armors or none at all.

The Amazons live on the outskirts of civilization, often riding together in nomadic groups.  They distrust most men, but can be amicable if approached carefully and treated with respect.  They will occasionally come to trade for supplies or simply to explore the civilized lands.  Rumors persist of a great Amazon city somewhere deep in the wilds.  It is said to be a place where men are kept as slaves and wild animals act as pets.

Amazon Huntress
Requirements:  Female, Every Ability Score 9+
Prime Requisite: DEX and CHA
Hit Dice: d8
Hit Progression: Fighter
Saves: as Fighter
Max Level: None
Weapons: Any
Armor: Padded, Leather, Studded Leather and Shield
Special Abilities:
Move Silently
Same percentage as thief
All ranged attacks get +1 to hit.  This includes lassos and whips.
Instinctive Dodge
Grants the Huntress an AC bonus against a single attack each round.  She must see the attack coming, so this cannot be used against sneak or surprise attacks.  This AC bonus is equal to her level, or half if she is wearing armor.
Base chance equal to Hear Noise for tracking a human through a dungeon setting.  You might need to roll again if your quarry passes through a room with multiple exits or a junction of passages.  Tracking through the wilderness is easier, but may also need to be rolled again from time to time.  Before you roll, give the DM time to take circumstances into account and decide if your chance of success should be modified.  The DM's decision is final, but here are a few of my suggested modifiers.
+2-in-6  if tracking through thick vegetation or wilderness
-1-in-6  if quarry is halfling sized
+1-in-6 if quarry is ogre sized
-1-in-6 if quarry uses a concealed or trap door
-2-in-6 if quarry climbs a ladder, rope, or cliff
-3-in-6 if quarry uses a secret door
-impossible- if the area is clean stone without grime or dust
Difficulties can lower a 1-in-6 chance down to 1-in-8 then 1-in-10 and eventually 1-in-12.  Benefits can raise a 5-in-6 chance up to 7-in-8 then 9-in-10, and eventually 11-in-12.  The DM can always choose to skip the roll and just declare the tracks to be either obvious or impossible to follow based on the circumstances.

Enthrall Beast
2 uses per day - This usually only works on non-magical mammals, but it might also work on magical steeds of the same alignment as the Amazon (unicorns, pegasi, nightmares).  The Huntress makes eye contact and uses calming noises and gestures while approaching the animal, eventually touching the beast gently at the end.  She must genuinely not wish to harm or trap the animal; they will sense any trickery.  So long as the attempt is made with good intentions and neither of them are disturbed the creature will remain transfixed until the end, then make a save vs. spells to resist.  Each successful use will turn one hostile creature to neutral, or one neutral creature to charmed.

A charmed beast will strive to protect it's mistress, but it is far from trained.  Beasts might greatly misinterpret social situations and become viciously overprotective.  Charmed beasts can be released from service and sent back into the wild at any time.  This may be advisable before entering a town or city.  Long time animal companions can learn a few commands, but they still might need to roll a morale check to see if they obey commands that conflict with their natural instincts.

The Huntress can safely have (1+CHA modifier) beasts charmed at the same time, with (Huntress level+CHA modifier) combined HD.  Exceeding either of those numbers will cause the beasts to become confused  and extremely jealous, growling and snapping at one another and even the Huntress.  During this time the beasts all make a new save vs. spells every turn.  Any who break free of the charm in this way will attack out of frustration and anger for at least one round before running off to return to the wilderness.

I intend to use this class with the Labyrinth Lord rules, but I've tried to keep it fairly system and setting neutral.  The following XP chart was made using my Customized Classes for B/X guidelines.
Amazon Huntress
100 Base

120 Hit Dice: d8
70   Hit Progression: Fighter (+2hp after L9)
30   Fighter saves

20   Armor: Padded, Leather, Studded Leather, and Shield
90   Weapons: Any
30   Magic: no wands, no spell scrolls

10   Move Silently
10   Tracking
15   Accuracy
40   Instinctive Dodge
65   Enthrall Beast
600 - Total

Standard Base Experience X Huntress Class 600%

Base XP--------------Huntress XP
0 -----------Level 1 ------------- 0
400 --------Level 2 -------  2400
800 --------Level 3 -------  4800
1600 ------ Level 4 -------  9600
3200 ------ Level 5 -----  19200
6400 ------ Level 6 -----  38400
12800 -----Level 7 -----  76800
24000 -----Level 8 ----- 144000
48000 -----Level 9 ----  288000
________ Level 10+ ________

2hp/Level = +120,000 each
Level 20 @ 1,608,000        

December 14, 2013

How much treasure is in a random 1e AD&D dungeon?

Average Treasure per room (multiply by level of dungeon)
0.035 Gemstones (that fraction is worth 14gp)
0.0105 Jewelry objects (that fraction is worth 36.75gp)

If you convert all that to it's value in gp, then...
Dungeon Level 1 = 115.825gp per room
Dungeon Level 2 = 231.65gp per room
Dungeon Level 3 = 347.475gp per room
and so on...

So, if dungeon level 3 has 40 rooms then on average 13,899gp worth of treasure will be available for plunder on that level of the dungeon (3 X 115.825gp X 40 = 13,899gp).  This total does not include the occasional magic item or treasure map which turns up just as often as a piece of jewelry (a little over 1 such item per 100 rooms).

I arrived at this average total by running out the numbers from the random dungeon creation tables in the DMG (specifically V.F. and V.G on pg171).  I also used these values for average gems and jewelry that I found over on Dragonsfoot.  I should note that you can't get mixed treasure if you actually use the charts in the DMG.  Each treasure horde would be a single thing, like a pile of copper pieces, or a sack of silver coins, or d4 gems, or a piece of jewelry; never a big mixture of treasure.

According to those charts, 5% of the rooms have unguarded treasure and another 15% have larger treasure piles guarded by monsters.  That leaves 80% of the rooms devoid of treasure.  So, in the average random dungeon the party would actually have the opportunity to find a treasure horde in every fifth room.  The average treasure horde on dungeon level 1 would be...
0.175 Gemstones (that fraction is worth 70gp)
0.052 Jewelry (that fraction is worth 183.75gp)

Total value = 579.125gp

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with these numbers, if anything.  I was thinking of houseruling some treasure tables when I went off on this side quest.  I did find the results interesting, so I thought I'd share them.