August 26, 2014

LL Custom Class: Orionixie

by Fairyjar18
Orionixies all appear to be slender and lithesome green skinned women.  They are amphibious, equally at home on land as they are in lakes and streams.  Their fingers and toes are partially webbed, and they can breathe underwater using the four gill slits on each side of their neck.  Orionixie skin color ranges from the yellowish greens of chartreuse and lime to the blueish greens of turquoise and teal.  Their hair is typically dark black, but some prefer to use potions and dyes to make their hair more colorful.  Orionixie consorts have come to set the standard of sophistication within the cities.  In recent years it has become fashionable for them to make use of many dyes, cosmetics, and tattoos to create dramatic and eye-catching effects, but many still prefer the classic natural look.

All appearances to the contrary, Orionixies are not actually female.  Technically they are neither male nor female, but a mutable third sex.  They are able to control the shape and movement of their sexual organs allowing for a surprising range of intimate interactions.  Orionixies are found intriguing by males and females of many species.  While Orionixies are all of the same sex and very similar physically, they do have two separate genders which they can distinguish easily by smell.  Orionixies can only become pregnant by Orionixies of the opposite gender, but either gender can carry the child.  Pregnancies are somewhat rare though because Orionixies seem to fall in love with members of other species as often as with each other.  It's complicated.

Orionixies occasionally gain random innate magical talents that manifest over time.  These are at-will abilities with no fancy hand gestures or chanting involved.  Although some Orionixies can develop the ability to decipher and read magical runes, they do not seem to be able to cast spells or use magical scrolls.  However, they do have an aptitude for using magical wands and staves.
by Araniel

Requirements: Str 8 or less
Prime Requisite: CHA and INT
Hit Dice: d6
Max Level: 10th
Hit Progression: as Cleric/Thief
Saving Throws: as Elf
Weapons: Any
Armor: Padded, Leather, Studded Leather, and Shield

Special Abilities
Water Breathing
+1 Skill Point each level
Sneak (2 in 6)
Swimming (2 in 6)
Subterfuge (2 in 6)
Random once per day innate magical ability each level

At first level and each level thereafter roll for a random first level Magic-User AND Cleric spell.  In my game we're rolling a d12 and a d8.  The player chooses which one of those options will become the Orionixie's once per day magical ability.  If one of the options rolled is already possessed then the Orionixie can choose to gain an extra use per day for any one of her existing abilities rather than gaining a new one.

1st level Magic-User spells-------------- 1st level Cleric spells
1. Charm Person ------------------------- 1. Cure Light Wounds
2. Detect Magic -------------------------- 2. Detect Evil
3. Floating Disk -------------------------- 3. Detect Magic
4. Hold Portal ---------------------------- 4. Light
5. Light ------------------------------------ 5. Protection from Evil
6. Magic Missle -------------------------- 6. Purify Food and Drink
7. Protection from Evil ----------------- 7. Remove Fear
8. Read Languages ----------------------- 8. Resist Cold
9. Read Magic
10. Shield
11. Sleep
12. Ventriloquism

by Luka Basyrov

It is said that the first Orionixies were created by Enki, the cleverest and most sympathetic of the Anunnaki.  According to legend, Enki's wife Ninhursag was spending all of her time creating and refining the other slave races.  Ninhursag became known as "The Great Mother" due to this important work, but Enki missed her company and grew lonely.  He sought to spend more time with her by helping with her designs, but she became annoyed and irritated by his interference.  She bid him to leave and design his own project rather than tamper with her delicate experiments.  Hurt and dejected, Enki decided to heed her advice.  He worked to create a lovely companion for himself, one who might spark Ninhursag's jealousy.  He eventually created several alluring women with quick wits, tender hearts, and impressive "natural talents".

Enki touted his creations as a great success, and the other Anunnaki were envious of his harem.  Before long he was creating Orionixie playmates for others.  His ploy worked.  Ninhursag was at once jealous and impressed.  Soon the two of them were spending all of their time collaborating together to create a new species, the human race.

Enki's testing methods did not match Ninhursag's level of care and stringency.  Eventually the Orionixies were revealed to pose certain unintended difficulties.  Some of the Orionixies seemed to possess unpredictable magical talents, each individual having a different set of abilities.  This distressed some of the Anunnaki who did not want their playthings to have access to such power.  Especially feared was a charm that clouded the mind and made their Anunnaki masters suggestible and compliant for a time.  In addition, although Enki had made sure that these green skinned women would not become pregnant by any other species he was surprised to discover that they could somehow reproduce by having relations with each other.  This disappointed many of the Anunnaki who did not want the complication of children within their harems.  Steps were taken to limit these pregnancies.  Orionixes who did not obey the new edicts were threatened with exile from the harems.  Exile would mean leaving behind their friends, family, and the life of luxury that was all that any of them had ever known.  It was a powerful deterrent, but the heart wants what the heart wants.  Eventually certain Orionixies were cast out of the Anunnaki harems and forced to make a home for themselves within the cities or to take their chances in the wilds.

Over time their population has not grown much, there are only a few hundred living in each of the cities.  Today a large percentage of Orionixies can be found living and working in exclusive brothels and bathhouses throughout the cities.  As consorts their allure and mystique ensures them a good income, but some individuals prefer to try other professions.  Few employers would turn down the opportunity to hire an Orionixie, simply having one on staff would draw customers and boost the employer's reputation.

by Samshank

These are the numbers I plugged into my customized class thingamabob to make an XP table.

100 Base
70   Hit Dice: d6
40   Hit Progression: Cleric/Thief (+1hp after L9)
15   Max Level: 10th
35   Elf saves
20   Armor: Padded, Leather, Studded Leather and Shield
90   Weapons: any
40   Magic: no divine scrolls, no arcane scrolls

Special Abilities
25  Water Breathing (neck gills, and webbed fingers and toes)
0    +1 Skill Point each level (if using LotFP skills)
10  Sneak (2 in 6) {or MS + HS as a Thief of the same level}
0    Swimming (2 in 6) {free with Water Breathing}
10  Subterfuge (2 in 6)
25  Random once per day magical ability gained each level, equivalent to first level spell

480 - TOTAL

Standard Base Experience X Orionixie Class 480%
0 -----------Level 1 ----------- 0
400 --------Level 2 -------  1920
800 --------Level 3 -------  3840
1600 ------ Level 4 ------   7680
3200 ------ Level 5 -----   15360
6400 ------ Level 6 -----   30720
12800 -----Level 7 -----   61440
24000 -----Level 8 ----- 115200
48000 -----Level 9 ----- 230400
_________Level 10+_________
1hp/Level = +100,000 each
Level 10 @ 330,400 XP

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