November 29, 2014

Crits and Fumbles

My Ancients & Aliens campaign has a lot of house rules and idiosyncrasies, maybe too many for some.  I can see new players struggle a bit with all the unfamiliar bits and bobs, especially during character creation.  Maybe I should have started the PCs in opposition with civilization so that the players could all play the more familiar outcast races (elves, dwarves, escaped humans, ect.), but instead I threw them into the deep end with all the crazy Anunnaki slave races.  I'd defiantly go that route if I was to use this setting for a one shot.

Anyhow, one of the things that I'm happiest with is the way that combat is playing out during these tabletop games.  I think I've struck a good balance between critical hits, fumbles, and the house rules; so I thought I'd go ahead and share all that in case someone else wants to give it a go.

Critical Hits
Every natural 20 attack roll is a critical hit.  That goes for PCs, monsters, whoever.  Roll d100 on the Arduin Grimoire Critical Hit Table.  That thing is wicked awesome.

Every natural 1 attack roll is a fumble.  That goes for PCs, monsters, whoever.  Roll a d6 on this fumble chart to see what happens.

1. Awfully Unforgettable Fumble  - Roll d100 on the chart
2. Off Balance: -2 To-Hit penalty for your next attack roll
3. Dropped Guard:  +2 To-Hit for next attack roll against you
4. Trip: start next round on the ground
5. Drop Weapon/Disarmed: inconvenient but retrievable
6. Recover Beautifully: no effect

House Rules and Stuff
That critical hit table is rough.  One of the results reads [chest Heart Pierced, immediate death 1d10] the numbers at the end there being the bonus damage rolled in addition to "immediate death" and normal weapon damage.  As you might imagine, five percent chance per attack makes for a LOT of gruesome critical hits.  However, there are a few house rules to help prevent some of these horrific wounds.

Shields - In my game Shields shall be Splintered, so anyone can sacrifice their shield in order turn a hit into a miss (even a crit).

Protective Gear -   Helmets, metal collars, and other such gear will become ruined when they prevent a critical that targets the protected body part.  You'll probably still take the normal damage though.

Be Tough - Halflingons are tough as nails.  They've got redundant organ systems, so stabbing one in the heart might only piss the dude off.  They ignore any mention of "death" on the crit chart, but still take the bonus damage.  Also, certain mutants will have crit preventing mutations that only apply to certain locations.  You can't get decapitated if one of your mutations is "Headless", so you'd avoid the crit and the bonus damage but still take normal damage from a standard hit.
Oh wait, decapitated halflingons, hmmm... I hadn't really thought about it before.  I suppose they must have a psychic connection to some kind of rudimentary lizard brain at the base of their spine.  The headless body would still be able to move and attack, but I'd give it a -4 penalty for fighting blind unless they are holding their head with their off hand.  Blood loss and starvation would eventually become an issue though, so they should probably seek medical attention after the fight.

Be Impossible - We haven't really come across this yet during play.  If the critical result seems impossible due to the size difference between combatants or because of the weaponry involved then I'll just make up an effect for your critical.  No matter how good you are with a whip I'm fairly certain that it won't stab someone in the heart, but a whip might disarm or trip a person.  If I can't think of any cool effect then you'll get some bonus damage, roll one extra damage die.

So, without that splintered shields house rule I think the Arduin Criticals would be too lethal, too often.  I'd probably want to embed it into a d6 chart, similar to how I have the "awfully unforgettable fumbles" tucked within that d6 fumble chart so that the weird and crazy results are a bit more rare.  Maybe something like this...

1.  Wasted Opportunity: no effect
2.  Combat Maneuver: Normal damage and target rolls a fumble
3.  Solid Strike: double damage
4.  Attack of Opportunity: Extra attack +4 To-Hit vs. any opponent within reach
5.  Dodge Offensively: Next attack against you misses and targets a nearby enemy instead
6.  Arduin Critical Hit - Roll d100 on the chart

November 26, 2014


In my game "Mutant" isn't really a character class, it's more of a medical condition.  It's also quite a social stigma.  Most of the common folk believe that mutants can turn normal people into mutants.  While this isn't exactly accurate, there are mutant dwarves and elves who will go on kamikaze missions sneaking into populated areas and try to spread mutations to as many people as they can.  Because of these repeated incidents it is hard for even the magi to convince people that most mutants are simply victims who do not pose a threat to their neighbors and loved ones.  In many villages and outposts, mutants are killed or exiled.  Many of these outcasts end up joining and aiding violent humanoids simply to survive.  In most cities the magi counsel the citizens to take a "live and let live" approach so that these poor unfortunates are not driven into the arms of the enemy.  In the cities the mutants are allowed to live like ratlings in the sewers below, but risk threats and thrown rocks if they venture up onto the streets.

You see, it all started back when the Anunnaki aliens took over the planet and they had a really hard time wiping out all the native elves and dwarves who hid deep underground.  The dwarves would lay traps and collapse tunnels, and it was just a super pain in the ass to hunt them all down by conventional means.  Instead, the Anunnaki got into the habit of releasing horrible things into the tunnels (failed/uncontrollable genetic experiments, combat droids, mutagenic liquids) and then just sealed up the entrances to let nature take it's course.

Well, it didn't work.  For years now, small groups of elves and dwarves have been coming up to raid the surface for food.  They are far more primitive now having lost most of their culture and knowledge, but they are highly motivated and dangerous.  They may have lost the ability to create new magical weapons, but they can still improvise.  Some of them have begun to weaponize the liquid mutagens that were used against them so long ago.  Hollow clay balls that shatter on impact are filled with the stuff, sneaking into a town and dumping some into a well, or just squirting a flask full of the stuff into someone's face, whatever works.  These elves are pissed and looking for vengeance.

Touching a single drop of the mutagenic liquid is enough to start the mutation process.  Covering the body or ingesting the stuff will only speed the process, but does not seem to guarantee an increased number of mutations.  Once the mutations have manifest, the mutant is from then on immune to the Mutajuice.  The mutagenic liquids have a hundred different slang names but no agreed upon standard; "Mutiemilk", "Metamorphluid", "Morphamuteooze", "Sadsap", "Orcnectar", "Essence of Awful", "The Special Sauce", and the always offensive "Wizjizz".  I'll just stick to calling it "Mutajuice" for now.

Game Mechanics
If your character has a Charisma of 8 or less, then you can start play as a mutant in addition to whatever other class you choose.  Maybe you were a mutant child born to mutant parents, or maybe you only mutated very recently; player's choice.  Roll d6 for your number of mutations, minimum of 2.  Roll each of those on the d100 chart below.  Don't roll a 01.

If your non-mutant character comes into contact with Mutajuice during the course of the game, then they will begin to mutate.  Roll d6 for your number of mutations, minimum of 1.  Touching a single drop means that your character will manifest a new mutation each week.  Roll 1d100 (but don't peek at the chart), then the DM will describe how your character is changing throughout the week.  Don't roll a 01.  At the end of the week, the DM reveals the full extent of the mutation, and then the process repeats until all of your characters mutations have manifest themselves.  Getting splashed with Mutajuice will speed the process to one mutation per day, drinking a mouthful will speed it to hours, and bathing in the stuff will reveal all of the mutations instantly.  Once the first mutation is revealed, reroll your character's Charisma score with 3d6.  If the result is higher than 8, then the new Charisma score is 8.

d100 Mutation Chart
Results on the chart below may require some interpretation and elaboration.  Feel free to add any aesthetic mutations that seem appropriate, like strangely colored skin or hair, or if your character has some mental mutations maybe the skull will change shape.  I'd allow any aesthetic mutations as freebies so long as it is stuff that won't alter game mechanics or give your character extra abilities, but ask your DM first to be sure.

I've been compiling this chart for a while.  I probably saw some of these on different blogs and wrote them down.  Some of these are straight out of the Metamorphica.  Some of them I even came up with all on my own.  I am planning to revise this chart some more, but who knows when I'll ever get around to doing that; so I thought I should go ahead and share it now.  I think that the results with the "*" were mutations that I had planned to remove or combine in order to make room for more interesting results.  There are only a few "appearance only" mutations as I feel like those are more fun to just let the players dictate.  There are more beneficial mutations on this chart than detrimental ones, I tried to balance that by making one of the results fatal.  Enjoy.

1. Morte-morphosis: Your whole body changes, twisting into and out of itself at once.  The process resembles a blossoming flower made of meat. You do not survive, but the witnesses will never forget you.
2. Albino (-2 to-hit rolls while in bright sunlight)
3. Locomotion: d6 (1 legs d4 - 2 roll - 3 slither - 4 tentacles d20 - 5 as spider - 6 levitate, slow movement)
4. Antennae: d4 (1 hear noise - 2 detect smell - 3 pheromone interpretation - 4 detect poison)
5. Natural Armor: d4 (1 full body callus - 2 scales - 3 bone/shell - 4 carapace)
6. Atrophied-Malformed-Defective: d6 (1 plumbing - 2 arm - 3 leg - 4 head/face - 5 extra limb - 6 wings)
7. Bite Attack: d6 (1 beak - 2 sharp teeth - 3 extendible inner maw - 4 tentacle ringed leech mouth - 5 sharp proboscis - 6 reroll+venom) attacks for 1d6D
8. Claw Hand(s): d4 (1 snappy crab - 2 retractable - 3 talon - 4 horrible hook) can attack for 1d6D
9. Eyes are: d6 (1 removable - 2 on regenerative stalks - 3 infra - 4 ultra - 5 see invis - 6 poor)
10. Covered in: d6 (1 eyes - 2 mouths/orifices - 3 retractable quills/barbs - 4 spines/thorns - 5 fur/feathers - 6 tongues)
11. Crown: d8 (1 horns - 2 antlers - 3 crest/fin - 4 eyestalks - 5 ears - 6 hand - 7 foot - 8 bone dome)
12. Crit Resistant: d4 (1 headless - 2 fused ribs - 3 regenerates limbs - 4 bloodless)
13. Weak Spot: roll hit location for spot; whenever stuck there roll save vs. stun, if failed stun next action+roll save vs. paralysis, if failed paralyse 1 turn+roll save vs. death, if failed then die.
14. Internal Weaponry: d6 (1 blade - 2 spear - 3 ranged - 4 explosive - 5 whip - 6 reroll+venom) does d6D
15. Misplaced Part: d8 (1 hand - 2 foot - 3 arm - 4 leg - 5 eyes - 6 head - 7 mouth - 8 ears)
16. Mane: d6 (1 feathers - 2 tentacles - 3 hair - 4 barbs/quills - 5 bone/spines - 6 colorful membrane)
17. Extra and Useable: d6 (1 head - 2 arm - 3 two arms - 4 digits/genitalia - 5 tentacle - 6 two tentacles)   
18. Flight: d4 (1 bird wings - 2 bat wings - 3 insect wings - 4 skin flaps)
19. Number of Eyes: d6 (1 one - 2 two compound eyes - 3 three - 4 six - 5 eight - 6 too many)
*20. Overgrown: d6 (1 arm and hand - 2 torso - 3 legs - 4 ears - 5 eyes - 6 nose)
21. Adaptations: d6 (1 marsupial pouch/hidden compartment - 2 trunk like an elephant - 3 hump like a camel - 4 kangaroo/frog/cat legs, good for jumping - 5 frog tongue, 12' long sticky and can wrap around objects dragging them to mouth - 6 bioluminescent lure)
22. Parasitic Twin: Also a mutant (1 mental mutation), roll hit location for placement, you’ll have to wake him and ask nicely if you want him to use his power.
23. Tail: d6 (1 mace tail - 2 prehensile - 3 tentacle - 4 scorpion - 5 reptilian - 6 kangaroo)
24. Tentacle(s): instead of d6 (1 hair - 2 arm(s) - 3 fingers+toes - 4 leg(s) - 5 eyes - 6 tongue)
25. Translucent Third Eyelid: protects the eyes from glare and gaze attacks
26. Epilepsy: 5% cumulitive chance rolled by DM at start of session, percentage increases each session until an episode occurs and resets the percentage to 5%, DM picks the timing of the event based on a d4 roll [town/social - travel - dungeon - combat], PC collapses and has convulsive seizures for d6 rounds, d4-1D unless assisted
27. Edible Excretions: It's poo, but not as we know it.
28. Dietary Needs: d6 (1 Iron Stomach, immune to puking and prefers spoiled and contaminated food - 2 carnivore - 3 herbivore - 4 insectivore - 5 mineral/metal - 6 External Digestion, vomit at will 5’ range, attack roll does d4D acid and victim must save vs. stun or lose next action, you can suck up the nutrients later)
29. Anaerobic: does not need to breathe
30. Aquatic: d6 (1 webbed fingers - 2 flippers - 3 fins - 4 blowhole - 5 gills - 6 any or all; +1 swimming each)
31. Bioluminescent: choice of color, 60' radius at will.  The mutant needs alcoholic drinks to fuel this ability.
32. Gas Bag: 1 round to fill air/helium bladder, buoyancy, damage from falling is now capped at 2d6D
33. Chameleon Skin: Hide (7 in 8) while naked and motionless
34. Hermaphromorph: Can change sex at will. Takes d6 rounds or 1 round+1hp damage.
35. Cocoon: One month pupation time. Upon metamorphosis full regen and max possible hp for level, lose all mutations, roll 5 new mutations and choose a sixth, if Cocoon is rolled again = empty mutation slot
*36. Ack! I skipped #36! Umm... hmmm. Super Smelly. Random encounter chance increased +1
37. Crackling Joints: Moving quietly is impossible, may increase chance of random encounters
38. Flexible Bones: Given enough time, you can squeeze through bars and small spaces
39. Bioelectrogenesis: Shocking touch at will, 1d6 damage and save vs. stun
40. Excretion: 3/day d8 (1 acid - 2 hallucinogen - 3 paralytic - 4 venom - 5 salve - 6 stink - 7 ink - 8 web/silk)
41. Skin Coating: d6 (1 poison - 2 lubricant - 3 adhesive - 4 infectious slime - 5 flammable slime - 6 balm)
42. Explosive Death: 6d6D subtract 1d6 per 10’ - removed limbs explode for 1d6D each
43. Total Healing: 1 week’s worth of food eaten all at once and then 2 days of hibernation - removes all poison, radiation, disease, and injury including lost limbs/organs
44. Mutant has long motile hair, it can stretch up to 20’ and be used as a whip, rope or grapple.  If the mutant is hairless then it’s a 20’ long whip-like tentacle attached to the top of the head.
45. Fruit: d6 (1 tasty - 2 poison - 3 antidote - 4 explosive d6D - 5 addictive drug - 6 caffeine) 1/day, d12 max
46. Burrower: The mutant can dig quickly moving itself at nearly walking speed, stable tunnels that others can follow through are slower to dig.  The mutant might prefer sleeping in burrow.
47. Sensory Disability: d6 (1 blind - 2 deaf - 3 anosmia - 4 ageusia - 5 analgesia - 6 chronic pain)
48. Heightened Senses: d4 (1 hearing/sonar - 2 smell and taste - 3 Tremor Sense - 4 Danger Sense)
*49. Immune to Poison and Disease
*50. Big Heart and Lungs: +1hp/level, super stamina, can hold breath for 10 minutes
51. Super Metabolism: double food consumption and healing, +2 Dex and +2 to save vs. poison and death
52. Best Buds: You bud little 2hp sterile slave drones who are good at d8 (1 not much - 2 childcare - 3 defense - 4 food production - 5 habitat construction - 6 foraging and scouting - 7 art/culture production - 8 any one skill) One drone per week.
53. Susceptibility: -4 to saves vs. d6 (1 poisons - 2 wands - 3 paralysis - 4 dragon breath - 5 spells - 6 Durability: roll again but rather than a penalty you now add +4 bonus to the save instead)
54. Limbs: d6 (1 Strong, +2 STR and can sprint faster than other PCs - 2 Spindly, Stealth +4 or Move Silently +66% - 3 Adhesive, walk on walls & ceiling - 4 Suckers, cannot be disarmed or easily dislodged - 5 Prehensile feet = hands - 6 Stretchy Limbs, all limbs and neck can stretch up to 10’ long)
55. Vulnerability: double damage from d6 (1 fire - 2 cold/dark - 3 blunt - 4 acid/poison - 5 magic/energy - 6 Resistance: roll again but take only half damage from that source, no rounding just track the .5s)
56. Prey Scent: -2 to reaction rolls of predator animals/humanoids
57. Protected Sense: d6 Immunity to attacks that affect (1 Balance/direction/vertigo - 2 vision - 3 hearing - 4 pain - 5 taste/smell/nausea - 6 roll twice)
58. Reflective Skin: Laser proof and heat damage halved
59. Shapechanger: trigger d6 (1 limited choice/one hour per day - 2 annual/season - 3 monthly/lunar - 4 diurnal/day&night - 5 stress trigger - 6 unlimited/at will) form d6 (1 Gaseous Form - 2 single animal form d6 [mammal - avian - reptile - aquatic - invertebrate - flock/swarm] and a half transformed beastman form with claw/claw/bite of d6/d6/d8 - 3 unmutated self - 4 illusionary forms - 5 roll up a new character and choose one to be the dominant form - 6 Labyrinth Lord monster, roll d129) transition time is d6 rounds or 1 round+1hp damage
60. Blast: d6 (1 sonic, 50’ cone, only works on ears, save vs. stun next action+automatic deafness for 2d6 rounds - 2 psionic, only explodes brains, 3d6D at end of next round - 3 fire, d6D 3 targets within 10’+burn - 4 freeze, d8D 60’ single target - 5 electric discharge, 10’ radius d6D+save vs. stun - 6 photoflash, 60’ save vs. stun or be blinded for 2d3 rounds and d12D if vampire)
61.  Animal Friendship: Normal animals are calm and friendly, will only attack you in self defense.
62. Speaks with Beasts: You can understand and speak one of the beast-tongues d12 (1 avian - 2 reptilian - 3 amphibian - 4 mammalian - 5 insectian - 6 vermian - 7 fishican - 8 molluskian - 9 surfsong - 10 penguinian - 11 barnyard slang - 12 kennel cant)  Animals are not guaranteed to be helpful or civil.
63. Visions of the Future: They come to you sometimes when you sleep, or you can try hours of meditation or drugs to coax forth a vision.  Sometimes those who are sleeping or meditating near you will also see parts of your vision.  What is shown is not an inescapable fate, but is the most likely future to unfold.  However, the circumstances can be altered if you choose to intervene.  In addition, you have d6 (1 total blindness - 2 deja vu, one reroll per session - 3 uncontrollable third eye in your forehead, you only have a vision when it opens - 4 an orifice with licky parts on the top of your head, your visions often relate to the people or objects it tastes - 5 a ward/follower who utterly believes that you are some sort of godling.  They have sworn to protect and serve you.  Any of your denials or protests are disregarded as if you are testing their faith and devotion, which is unshakable - 6 reroll and pick one, if you get this result again then pick both)
64. Sleeps Strangely: d6 (1 Sleep Paralysis, automatic upon waking cannot move or speak for d6 rounds - 2 Lucid Dreamer, fully aware and conscious while dreaming and can even control the dreams.  Adept at recognizing what is real and what is unreal, and you are rarely fooled by illusions, delusions, or hallucinations.  Lucid dreamers have double the chance to detect these false realities. - 3 Meditates at night, eyes shut and resting, but still aware of sounds - 4 Sleepless, always alert and well rested, may have a night hobby, ages at twice normal speed  - 5 Dreamless, no subconscious, immune to mind reading and most psionic effects - 6 Levitates while sleeping, usually about a foot off the ground, unless anchored you will go drifting if given a nudge or pushed by the wind)
65. Emotionless: Charisma -2, minimum of 3.  The mutant cannot experience the highs and lows of true emotion, and has trouble recognizing emotions in others.  Immune to any effects involving charm, fear, depression, rage, or joy.  The mutant can still experience moods like annoyance, contentment, enmity, and friendship, but these are more of an intellectual choice rather than a spontaneous emotion.
66. Visions of Vecna: Mutant has solid yellow eyes whose pupils are thin vertical slits. The mutant sees nightly dreams and waking visions of a silent desiccated corpse missing it’s left eye and right hand who seems to encourage the mutant to remove a limb or organ and replace it with a magical prosthetic item.  The corpse man then seems to be leading the mutant somewhere, pointing out clues and landmarks.  The prosthetic item is often the same each night but does change occasionally, usually while the mutant is traveling between cities.  Roll d100 to see which prosthetic item the desiccated one is currently endorsing. -  
67. Extra Sense: d6 (1 Sense Magic - 2 Weather Sense - 3 ESP, surface thoughts only, target gets a save vs. spell and can feel the probing - 4 lie/emotion detection - 5 Sense Energy, detects stuff like electrical currents, radiation, and psychic interference - 6 Sense Curses & Seals, cursed items or people, seals holding back an ancient evil, that sort of thing.
68. Animal Control: Normal animals only can be mentally summoned and commanded. While controlling the animal(s) the mutant must concentrate and can do little other than walk or ride. Once the connection is broken those animals become resistant to your control. Only affects d6 (1 Any one animal within sight - 2 Any one species, your choice, range up to 2 miles - 3 Aquatic animals within 3 miles - 4 Choose one [mammals - reptiles - invertebrates - mutant/fantastical non-magical vertebrates], limit of four creatures with more than 1HD at one time, range of 130 feet - 5 Any normal birds within 5 miles, you can see through their eyes and send them out past the 5 mile range for about an hour, you choose the number of birds to control but 1% chance per bird that DM takes control as your character goes a bit bird-brained for a while - 6 Beast Mastery: Any one animal who meets your gaze and fails a save vs. spell, permanent mental connection and obedience, you can see through it’s eyes at will, you can gain a new animal companion each level but those that die cannot be replaced)
69. Charm Person: induced by d4 (1 eye contact - 2 touch - 3 conversation - 4 smell) and the duration is d4 (1 one turn - 2 one hour - 3 one day - 4 as spell, but only works once per day)
70. Sensory Short-Circuit: A psionic attack that overloads a creature’s ability to process certain sensory information resulting in temporary d6 (1 kaleidoscope vision - 2 deafening white noise - 3 vertigo - 4 full body paresthesia “pins and needles” - 5 nausea from overpowering stench and taste - 6 overwhelming telepathy, uncontrollable and the volume is turned up to 11, concentration is impossible while in the presence of others and all die rolls have a 15% penalty, thats -3 on a d20, -2 on a d12, or -1 on a smaller die) and lasts for 2 turns
71. Memory Transfer Fruit: The mutant encodes memories into a physical substance it produces.  Others who ingest/consume the substance will experience the memory from the mutant’s perspective including any feelings associated with the event.  These memories are copies, the mutant retains the original and can share the same memory repeatedly.
72. Induce Mental Malady: A psionic attack that causes d6 (1 Hallucinations - 2 Amnesia - 3 Crippling Migraine - 4 Fear - 5 Aphasia, victim can no longer communicate effectively, all speech and writing is incomprehensible word salad -  6 Homicidal Insanity, attacks nearby target) and lasts for 2 turns
*73. Farsense: Transitioning between normal senses and farsense causes disorientation and blindness for 1 round.  d6 (1 Clairvoyance, one hour per day, 100’ range - 2 Clairaudience, one hour total per day, 100’ range, no transition time needed - 3 Clairvoyeurence, at will, you can mystically alter your point of view to any point within 10’ of your body. The direction of the vision is always away from your body, so you will never be able to see yourself with this ability.  A bit hazy and no depth perception so -2 to your attack rolls, but immunity to gaze attacks while in use.  Can be used to look around corners and beyond most doors and walls.  Light source not provided. - 4 Clairnarcissence, this works the same as Clairvoyeurence except that the direction of vision is always toward your body.  Some part of your body must always be visible, so your point of view cannot be used to look beyond doors or walls.  Peeking around corners is still possible, so long as you are close enough to the corner to remain within line of sight. - 5 Clairbouyence, zero gravity at will, self only - 6 Clairveyance, if you hold someone’s head while they think about a journey they have taken, you will see a condensed version of what they witnessed along the way; the route they took, any landmarks, notable obstacles, and have a good chance of retracing their path unless they were wandering lost, or unobservant and simply following someone else the whole time. Longer and older journeys are more difficult to retrace than shorter and newer ones)
*74. The Voice: like the spell “Command”
75. Cryokinesis: Mutant can control it’s own body temperature and the temperature of the air in a 10’ radius.  This cannot be used to produce uncomfortable temperatures, but rather makes cold and hot environments more tolerable to the mutant and those nearby.  It is too gradual of an effect to reduce damage from a blast of fire or ice, unless it was already in place in an extreme environment.  For example, in a sub-zero arctic environment it would reduce damage from ice spells by 1 per die of damage.  Also, the mutant can use this ability to match it’s body heat to it’s surroundings thus rendering the mutant invisible to infravision, but doing this for prolonged periods can cause hypothermia or heat stroke.
76. Telekinesis: roll 3d6 for telekinetic strength.  Range is equal to telekinetic strength x10’.  The mutant  must concentrate (movement halved, no other actions) to pick up and manipulate objects which can then fly around.  Objects can be used as weapons, but attack roll -2.
77. Psychic Brain Surgery: The mutant can help others by temporarily relieving the symptoms of mental disorders, psychoactive chemicals, and even massive physical brain damage.  Each patient and condition will present a unique challenge for the mutant to solve.  These conditions can eventually be fully healed after d6 weeks of daily treatments.  The mutant can also reestablish feeling and motor control in paralysed limbs, this takes d6 days of daily treatments per limb.  The initial treatment takes d12 turns, thereafter each successive treatment for that patient’s ailment will be halved until eventually each treatment takes only one turn to complete.  Each treatment will relieve symptoms for d6 (1 one turn - 2 one hour - 3 hours d6 - 4 hours d12 - 5 one day - 6 one week, treatments can be weekly rather than daily)
78. Become Two-Dimensional: The mutant can switch between two and three dimensional at will.  Switching takes one round.  While two-dimensional the mutant must be affixed to a surface (usually a wall or floor) and gravity still applies.  Combat while two-dimensional is tricky.  The mutant can only make melee and ranged attacks against those opponents touching the same surface.  All of the mutant’s attack damage is halved, but damage against the mutant is doubled; except bludgeoning attacks which do no damage either way.
79. Burning Body: 2-in-6 chance that the mutant can turn the flames on and off at will, otherwise they are always burning while exposed to air.  The flames cover the mutant’s d6 (1 one hand - 2 both hands - 3 both feet - 4 insides - 5 head only - 6 whole body, and you can shoot flames out 3 times per day for 3d6 damage)
80. Heal Other: By concentrating and touching the wound(s) the mutant heals them by d6 (1 1 hp per round, 2 #hp equal to the mutant’s level twice per day, 3 giving the recently/currently living target regeneration of 5hp per round until fully healed/raised once per session, 4 d30 hp once per day, 5 transferring the wounds to another creature that the mutant touches at the same time, 6 d6hp at will, but once a 6 is rolled the power is used up for the day)
81. Eye Spy: At least one of the mutant’s eyes has a strange appearance.  Gaze into the eyes of another creature to see a few moments of whatever those eyes saw before looking at the mutant; or if the creature is dead, see the last few moments before they died.
82. Force Field: Requires full concentration, mutant can move half speed while concentrating.  10 foot radius sphere of force which can slowly move within a 200 foot range of the mutant.  The force field cannot cut through objects, but can push objects aside as it moves as if Str 3.  Force field blocks most matter and energy, but it can be overwhelmed if it absorbs damage equal to the mutant’s max hp in a single round.  Force field can last for a number of rounds equal to the mutant’s level, then the mutant makes a CON check each round to maintain the field.  A new force field can be made after d6 rounds.
83. Immunity:  d6 (1 Aging, 2 Cold, 3 Heat/Fire, 4 Electricity/Radiation/Beams, 5 Illusion/Charm, 6 Fatigue)
84. Nightmare Portal:  The mutant possesses with it’s mind a portal to a realm of nightmare horrors.  The mutant suffers from nightmares but is otherwise unaffected.  Anyone using mentally invasive psychic powers on mutant risks being consumed by nightmares.
85. Seep: Mutant can seep it’s mass into and combine with a physical object.  Takes 4 rounds.  Mutant can form parts of it’s body on the object; an ear canal to hear with, an eye to see with, legs and feet to walk around.  Each change/limb takes 1 round.  Damage/Destruction of the object will harm/kill the mutant.
86. Limited Telepathy: The mutant will catch snippets of images and feelings from the surface thoughts of those around them.  Can often be used to detect willful lies and evasions while focusing on the subject. Large crowds are over stimulating and can cause confusion for the mutant.
87. Mostly Transparent: The mutants bones are still perfectly visible, so you look like a walking skeleton.
88. Water Walking:  or any liquid, at will
89. Weakness:  The mutant has some Achilles heel, a weakness which makes it mostly powerless.  It can be a color, a metal, a time of day, type of person, or whatever.
90. Roll on Mutant Future human/animal physical mutation chart
91. Roll on Mutant Future human/animal mental mutation chart
92. Roll on Mutant Future plant mutation chart
93. Roll on Dyson Logos’s Freak Legion mutations and drawbacks d10 -
94. Roll on Survival RPG mutation chart d100  -
95. Roll on Rondo’s Severely Messed-Up mutation chart d100
96. Mutant Scavengers of the Ruined Earth! d20 -
97. Roll on Joesky’s mutation table -
98.  Roll on Encounter Critical mutation powers and defects chart d100
99.  Roll d1000 random mutation from the Metamorphica
100. Extra Mutation (roll again twice)