December 14, 2011

A second look at Table 2: Hit Dice

Overall, I like how this table turned out.  The +30,+40,+50 cost progression feels right somehow. 
Table 2: Hit Dice
d3 - +0%
d4 - +30%
d6 - +70%
d8 - +120%
d10 - +180%
d12 - +250%

I see that I did make an obvious mistake.  The number of sides on those dice are changing by 2 each step.  So, the step before d4 should actually be d2 - +0%.  If your cheapo class doesn't want to pay for hit points then you don't roll a die, you flip a damn coin.  I like that.  I'll go back and correct the original post. I'll even add another step below that, d0 - (-20%).  Then any DM with an interest can get the costs for the odd dice by finding the mid point between the steps.  Like this.

d1 - (-10%)
d3 - 15%
d5 - 50%
d7 - 95%
d9 - 150%
d11 - 215%

I'm not sure what kind of madman builds a class with d11 for hit dice, but I'm here to facilitate not to judge.

Crabaugh's hit dice table had the costs doubling for each higher die, which some of you will like better I'm sure.  I changed it mainly because I wanted the step between d4 and d6 to cost more.  Also, I know I'm going to use a d12 at some point for a Cyclops or giantish class, and I thought that the cost doubling method made the cost for d12 too high.

I suppose I might like Crabaugh's costs better if I allowed my players to reroll 1s or start their 1st level characters with max hit points.  There is an argument to be made that d10 and d12 hit dice should cost more than I have listed, but if that big hulking class still has a possibility of starting first level with 1hp then I think these costs are fine.

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