December 31, 2011

A second look at Table 10: Beyond Human Abilities

The full system for building B/X customized classes is over here.  I'm going over it all again, bit by bit.  These are the non-human abilities.  Level limits are required for a custom class to get access to these.

Table 10:Beyond Human Abilities
(The highly questionable list of special abilities and their costs which are likely to be revised)

Halfling abilities - 55%
90% Hide in Wilderness (+15%)
Hide 1-2 on d6 in cavern/dungeon (+10%)
AC -2 when attacked by large creatures (+15%)
+1 initiative when alone or with other halflings (+5%)
+1 missile attacks (+10%)

Dwarf abilities - 35%
Infravision 60’ (+15%)
5 languages: Common, Dwarvish, Goblin, Gnome, Kobald (+10%)
Stone Sense: 2 in 6 for detecting masonry traps, false walls,
hidden construction, or sloped passages (+10%)

Elf abilities - 50%
Infravision 60’ (+15%)
5 languages: Common, Elvish, Gnoll, Hobgoblin, Orc (+10%)
2 in 6 for detect hidden and secret doors (+10%)
Connection to Nature: Immune to ghoul paralysis (+15%)

Infravision 60’ - +15%
Functional Wings (slow) - +50%
Aquatic Breathing/Movement (slow) - +25%
Regeneration - +100% per hp per turn, not fire/acid
Shapeshift at will, one form only - +50% per HD
Innate Ability, once per day - +10% per spell level
Innate Ability, always on - +30% per spell level
Parasitic Host Control - +50%

This table is already messy, and now I'm adding more.  At least I don't see any costs I want to change, so that's something.

I like having the dwarf, elf, and halfling abilities grouped together with the cost of each ability individually listed.  It seems informative.  All the halfling abilities relate to their small size and very fast reflexes.  Stone Sense seems like a dwarven heritage thing to me, due to countless generations living underground.  The elvish ability to detect hidden/secret doors I assume is due to their keener than human senses, and their Connection to Nature definitely seems beyond human to me.

I'll add languages over on the human side, Table 9.  I'm thinking that human common and a Native Language costs 0%.  Every other language costs 5% each.  I'll give non-humans (like dwarves and elves) an Extended Lifespan ability for 10% which allows 3 other bonus languages at 1st level.  Level limits should have perks, right?

I'll put some guidelines for special ability costs over on Table 9.  I'll have the same thing over here for non-humans, I'll just call them innate magical abilities instead.  It'll look like this.

Innate Magical Ability (once per day) - +10% per spell level equivalent
Innate Magical Ability (multiple uses per day) - +15 to 25% per spell level equivalent
Innate Magical Ability (constant) - +30% per spell level equivalent

I wish I had some clue about cost guidelines for those non-human Physiology traits.  A little lower than innate magical abilities since wings are slower and more inconvenient than a Fly spell?  A little higher because wings can't be dispelled?  The same?  I dunno, I just make up numbers.

I'll remove the questionable costs disclaimer at the top.  It's still true of course, but why draw attention to it.  I'll replace it with a note about level limits being required for this table, and then call it a day.

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