December 15, 2011

Dear IT guys at my work,

I realize that you're probably just "following orders" or whatever, but every time you upgrade the website blocking software or disable certain functions on my computer I end up wasting a lot of time figuring out how to bypass it so that I can post on my blog and look at Zak S's site.

It's starting to cut into my productivity.

It really becomes exponential at some point when you think about all the time you've spent blocking my access to the web, and all the time I've spent worming my way through the cracks.  Imagine all that we could have accomplished for the company if we hadn't wasted that time and energy.  I realize that we can never really join forces, but can't we at least stop this arms race?  Couldn't you just turn a blind eye so long as I'm getting my work done and continuing to find ways to make the business more efficient? 

Thanks for listening, and have a lovely day.

The Spoiled Brat


  1. Dear The Spoiled Brat,

    It is not about a matter of efficiency. If we wanted efficiency, we would have outsourced your job overseas. It was a test of character.

    How do you think you did?

    IT Guys

  2. Hmm...

    The commitment to post on my blog "at any cost".

    The dedication to plow through my lunchbreak to achieve my goal.

    The post itself shows my honesty and desire to work as a team.

    Wow! I'm awesome!

    Thanks IT Guys