May 27, 2011

Up in the Air

The more I look at using Labyrinth Lord for the surface of Ezzin, the more houserules I want to add .  It really shines as a system for dungeons, but there is probably a better fit for the wilderness and cities above.  I had chosen Labyrinth Lord arbitrarily in order to avoid an extensive search, but alas, it has begun.  Searching extensively is now what I do.

For a while I was leaning more toward OSRIC, then the d20 System, and later still Mutant Future (minus the future bits), but there were still hundreds of free games I hadn't even looked at yet.  Currently, Bandits & Basilisks is tempting me to come up with my own set of bare minimum rules.  Then later I can hang various houserules on that framework.  As the characters travel within the dreams of the gods (different game systems) my players and I are bound to find some rules that we enjoy and want to add permanently.

So here I am, contemplating adding a new free RPG to the metric asston that already exist.  I'm something of a perfectionist, so I have no idea how long this might take me.  Someone please talk me down from this ledge, it's scary. 

I'm open to suggestions of other game-systems.  Something with interesting wilderness or flying creature rules maybe?  Or any suggestion really, after three eight hour days of sifting through free RPG's I'm not even sure what I'm looking for anymore.


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  2. I see no reason to talk you down; pluralism rules!