May 18, 2011

4 Days Left: DungeonMorph Dice

My readers probably already know about DungeonMorph Dice

What you might not know is that the 2nd bonus goal of $17,000 has been reached today.  So, now there will be 3 different sets of 5 dice.   That's 15 different 6-siders!  Thank you Joe Wetzel.  The project is wrapping up on the 22nd.  So now is the time if you want to contribute a little more to get that new set.  Dice will be on sale for a while after that, but backing the project before the 22nd gets you first dibs.  There are also some cool pledge items that might not be available later.

Here is a quote from their update page describing the 15 dice.

  • Set one will have a die with a few temple/worship area designs, a great halls die, a barracks die, a dining areas die, and a "specials" die. Each die would have 3-4 designs that fit the theme (but would still be somewhat generic--for example just drop the altar icon from a temple design and it can be a performance hall), 1-2 designs that would be more generic and 1 side that would be mostly corridors. This helps you be relatively sure you'll have some rooms for guards sleeping and a dining area, etc by picking the appropriate dice.
  • Set two would be caverns. These wouldn't be broken down in a similar way, but each die would have a basic caverns design, a design with some submerged areas/pools, a design with multiple levels/ledges, etc.
  • Set three will be more dungeons. This set would have a crypt die, a mage's study/labs/library die, a cellblock, an area with traps/ambushes, and maybe another barracks or another "specials" die. Again, 3-4 designs would fit the die's theme, but 1-2 would be fairly generic and 1 side would be mostly corridors.

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