April 30, 2015

LL Custom Class: The Professional + Skill system

I'm trying out a new skill system now.  It's a variation of the 5MORE system.  Here's how it works.

At character creation everyone gets (3+Int bonus) Skill Slots.  You can put skills in those.  Any skill.  You can make up whatever you want, but the DM has final say on the name of the skill and when it is useful.  You can leave Skill Slots blank if you want and fill them in later with skills that you learn during the game.

Each character gains a new blank Skill Slot each level

During the game you can try to do anything, even if you don't know the skill yet.  Describe what your character is trying to do.  If the DM determines that there is both a chance of success and failure then roll a d6. 6 = success, 1 = abject and utter failure.

If the roll was a natural 5 or 6, then you can learn that skill by writing it into a blank Skill Slot.
If you already know the skill and roll a natural 5 or 6, then roll the d6 again.  If it is a 5 or 6 again, then write down one letter of the word EXPERT next to the skill.  After that you would start writing down letters of MASTER, but the DM might say you need special training or whatever so you better ask first.

+1 If you have the applicable skill
+1 If you are an expert
+1 If you are a master
+/- Whatever situational modifiers the DM decides
+/- Whatever modifiers you convince the DM to apply

Just to make sure this is clear...  If you are attempting something that you are not skilled at and roll a 5, then that is usually not successful.  However, if you have a blank Skill Slot, that same 5 will let you become trained in that skill if you choose to write it into the empty Skill Slot.

That's it.  The End.  The rest is covered by 5MORE.

One of my players decided to play a Professional when we rolled up characters recently.  Basically this is a Thief class, except that with the new skill system in place you can pick any skills you want and whatever job title that strikes your fancy.

The xp chart is going to be a little different because I'm going to let them use shields and they don't have to give 10% of their gold over to a guild.  Also the skills are different obviously.  Professionals won't get the Thief's 9th level scroll use and 4th level chance to know languages, but maybe those are skills now? 

Now I just have to figure out how much Skill Slots cost on my Custom Class Maker Thing.  For now I'm just gonna say that the (3+Int bonus) and (+1 each level) are free.  I don't want to rework every class just to test out the new skill system.  Let's try out these costs for the Professional's bonus skill slots.
10 = Each bonus Skill Slot at level 1
20 = First bonus Skill Slot every level after 1st (cost doubles for each extra bonus Skill Slot)
20 = Spend a blank Skill Slot to complete (EXPERT) or (MASTER) on any known skill

100 Base
30   Hit Dice: d4
30   Hit Progression: Cleric/Thief (+1hp after L9)
0     Bonus +1hp after L9
10   Thief saves
20   Armor: Padded, Leather, Studded, and Shield
90   Weapons: Any
30   Magic: no wands, no divine scrolls, no arcane scrolls

Special Abilities
50  +5 Skill Slots at level 1
20  +1 bonus Skill Slot every level after 1st (+2 per level total)
20  Can spend a blank Skill Slot to gain (EXPERT) or (MASTER)

400 - TOTAL

Standard Base Experience X Professional Class 400%
0 ----------- Level 1 ------------ 0
400 -------- Level 2 -------  1600
800 -------- Level 3 -------  3200
1600 ------ Level 4 ------    6400
3200 ------ Level 5 ------  12800
6400 ------ Level 6 ------- 25600
12800 ----- Level 7 -----   51200
24000 ----- Level 8 -----   96000
48000 ----- Level 9 ----- 192000
________ Level 10+ ________
2hp/Level = +120,000 each
Level 20 @ 1,512,000

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