June 13, 2014

LL Custom Class: Jedite

Loyalty, Duty, Honor; this is the Jedite way.

A small group of primitive humans with psychic talent were taught in the ways of an ancient order of mystics dedicated to preserving peace and stability across the galaxy.  Their alien master disappeared mysteriously before their training was complete.  Access to the info-cubes containing the ancient texts were lost when the other aliens abandoned this planet shortly after.

These students eventually proclaimed themselves to be the new masters and took on students of their own.  Each of them interpreting the lessons of their old master a bit differently, and certainly some things were mistranslated.   Explaining a foreign concept to a student is hard enough, but when you are still a little fuzzy on the details yourself; well...

"We are the Jedites.  We strive to follow the path of Jed, and always seek his favor.  Jed's Force is all around us, and with proper focus and discipline Jed will allow us to use some of his power.  Loyalty to Jed, the order, and to the new masters is paramount.  The Jed Eye sees all."

The new masters quarrel among themselves about who should lead, and the Order has fractured into different clans.  Some cities are dominated by a single clan, but other cities have begun to see violence between the clans as they fight over turf and prowl the streets looking for new students.

Children sensitive to the force of Jed are taken into the order and trained from a young age.  Inferior students are pushed to try harder, but those who buckle under the pressure never achieve full Jedite status. 

Requirements: One ability score at 13+
Prime Requisite: WIS and CON
Hit Dice: d7
Max Level: None
Hit Progression: as Cleric/Thief
Saves: as Thief
Weapons: Any
Armor: Padded, Leather, Studded Leather
Special Abilities:

Through long hours of meditation and practice the Jedites seeks to unlock their hidden psychic talents.  At character creation every Jedite gains the power Jed's Eye (rating 1) and a randomly determined Specialized Fighting Style. Every time the Jedite gains a level, a new Jedite power is gained by rolling on the chart below.  If the result is a power (or fighting style) already possessed, then the player can choose which power they wish to increase.  Each of the seven powers has a maximum rating of 5.

1. Jed's Eye
2. Telepathy
3. Telekinesis
4. Imbue
5. Heal
6. Energy Manipulation
7. Masking
8. Specialized Fighting Style (random) 

Specialized Fighting Styles
Roll a d8 to determine which fighting style is learned.  These fighting styles have no activation cost, but the AC benefits do not apply to surprise attacks (unless the Jedite has Jed's Eye Lv2: Danger Sense activated).  Jedites who know multiple styles may switch between them each round, but the benefits of different styles are never combined.  The fighting style benefits apply to both armed and unarmed melee attacks so long as the Jedite can move about freely and is not wielding a slow, heavy two-handed weapon.

1. Snake Style: +/-2 AC, +1 To-Hit, +1 Damage

"Attack with the head when the tail is attacked, attack with the tail when the head is attacked, and attack with both head and tail when the body is attacked." - Sun Tzu

2. Tiger Style:  +2 To-Hit, +2 Damage

Tiger is an aggressive style that utilizes vicious ripping, tearing and breaking techniques.  Tiger style meets force with force.  Raking fingers and precision chops attempt to gouge, snap joints, and break bones.

3. Flying Eagle Style: Jump ability at will (up to 30ft horizontal, 10ft verticle).  A melee attack made while jumping gets +1 Damage per 10ft.

"Eagle powers... come to me!  Please!" - Nacho
4. Flaming Energy Ball: 30 ft range, target must save vs. dragon breath or take d6 damage

The Jedite forgoes a melee attack and instead concentrates on focusing power into a ball of force which blasts out toward an enemy.  Energy Manipulation power can alter the energy type.

"Hadoken!" - Ryu

5. Two-Headed Snake: reroll one failed attack roll each round

An alternate, more aggressive form of snake style.  The defensive posture of snake is replaced by a fast and fluid assault using feints and misdirection.
 6. Circle of Death Style: If you hit in melee and roll the minimum amount of damage, then this damage is an attempt to use the Jedite Death Grip to stop the heart. In addition to the damage your victim must Save vs. Death or die.

Doesn't work on undead, constructs, or anything bigger than a hobgoblin.

7. Shaolin Bear Strike:  Once per round, if you deal melee damage the victim must Save vs. Paralysis/Stone or be stunned and loose their next action.

The Jedite releases power into each strike attempting to stun their opponent and knock them off balance.

 8. Unique Style!

You've developed your own personal fighting style.  Give your style a name and split 4 bonus points between AC, To-Hit, and Damage; or get your DM to agree to some other special effect.

Muse - Knights of Cydonia (video)

Jedites use their own hp to activate their abilities, only the fighting styles are free to use.  They may sacrifice a number of hp equal to their level each round.  Sacrificed hp + power rating = the force (effectiveness, range, or duration) of the power used.  A few powers cost only 1hp to remain active for an entire day, others must have their costs paid each round.

Jed's Eye
1st power - Sense Jedite: Cost 1hp/day, Can sense nearby Jedites if their Masking is less
2nd power - Danger Sense: Cost 1hp/day, allows action during any surprise round
3rd power - Battle Precognition: Cost 1hp/day, AC bonus equal to Jed's Eye rating.
4th power - Psychometry: cost dependent on details sought and time elapsed
5th power - Farseeing: cost dependent on distance, familiarity of subject, and more

1st power - Send Thought: 2 or 3 words. Cost determined by distance
2nd power - Comprehend Language: 1hp per turn per individual
3rd power - Suggestion: (force+d20+your WIS minus target WIS: success = 11+)
4th power - Hear Surface Thoughts: 1hp per round per individual, close range
5th power - Rip Memory: sustained touch and force = target WIS+time to find memory

1st power - Push
2nd power - Levitate
3rd power - Choke
4th power - Throw
5th power - Crush

1st power - Accuracy
2nd power - Burst of Speed
3rd power - Weapon +1
4th power - Jump
5th power - Bonus Attacks

1st power - Heal Other
2nd power - Detoxify
3rd power - Heal Self (Meditation: +1hp per turn)
4th power - Cure Disease
5th power - Remove Curse

Energy Manipulation
1st power - Alter
2nd power - Deflect
3rd power - Reduce
4th power - Create
5th power - Absorb/Channel

1st power - Hide from the Eye: Cost 1hp/day, undetectable to Jed's Eye of equal or lesser rating
2nd power - Silent Step: Cost 1hp/day, Move Silently as Thief equal to your level
3rd power - Mental Mask: Cost 1hp/day, save bonus vs. mental effects equal to Masking rating
4th power - Gather Shadows: Cost 1hp/day, Hide in Shadows as Thief equal to your level
5th power - Aether Cloak: Cost 1hp/turn, Invisibility

Most famous clans
Shadow Clan Zadokan
Umma Cynthirr
The Fists of Master Po

100 Base

95   Hit Dice: d7
30   Hit Progression: Cleric/Thief (+1hp after L9)

0     Bonus +1hp after L9
10   Thief saves

10   Armor: Padded, Leather, Studded
90   Weapons: Any
30   Magic: no wands, no spell scrolls

175 One random Jedite Power each level
10   Jed's Eye at Level 1
550 - Total

Student Jedite

10% Tithe Base Experience X Jedite Class 550%
Base XP----*5.5 ---- Student Jedite XP
0 -----------Level 1 ------------- 0
300 --------Level 2 -------  1650

600 --------Level 3 -------  3300
1200 ------ Level 4 -------  6600

2400 ------ Level 5 -----  13200
5000 ------ Level 6 -----  27500
10000 -----Level 7 -----  55000
20000 -----Level 8 ----- 110000
40000 -----Level 9 ----  220000
________ Level 10+ ________

2hp/Level = +120,000 each
Level 20 @ 1,540,000        

If you leave the order and are forced to complete your own training without the aid of a more experienced Jedite, then it will take more experience points to gain new levels.

Ronin Jedite
Standard Base Experience X Jedite Class 550%
Base XP----*5.5 ----- Ronin Jedite XP
0 -----------Level 1 ------------- 0
400 --------Level 2 -------  2200

800 --------Level 3 -------  4400
1600 ------ Level 4 ------   8800

3200 ------ Level 5 -----  17600
6400 ------ Level 6 -----  35200
12800 -----Level 7 -----  70400
24000 -----Level 8 ----- 132000
48000 -----Level 9 ----  264000
________ Level 10+ ________

2hp/Level = +120,000 each
Level 20 @ 1,584,000   

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