July 7, 2011

Inspired Blog Inspires

SheWalksSoftly is not a gaming blog, but the volume of inspiration I've found there is stunning.  Miss "Walks Softly" has quite a knack for finding the interesting and weird, then presents it with a dash of humor. 

Here are a few of the gems I've found there.

Japanese artist Iori Tomita takes the method of making transparent specimens to a whole new level.  Dyeing their cartilage and bones to display this level of detail is simply amazing.  These jars are definitely going to show up in the next game I run.

My birthday is coming up.  Anyone who popped over to Japan to buy me one of these as a gift for 2,000 ~ 20,000 yen would get a very sincere "Thank you!" in return.  You can check out more pictures at the artists' website New World Transparent Specimen.

That's only the tip of the iceberg folks.  SheWalksSoftly has plenty more.

A photo from the first Gamma World LARP?  I suspect those are actually Perchten masks being worn for a festival, but all I can say for certain is that the picture is awesome.

There is an entire post devoted to pictures of fanged fish.  Just because.

These are from the post titled "Tacky Taxidermy Megapost".  I suggest you skip it unless you are fond of nightmares.  These two cry out to be used in a game though.

These next two she found over at Creature Effects.  I need to go mine that site for ideas too.

I wish my library was this cool.

I hope someone else can find a little inspiration within this blog, or at least some sage advice.


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