June 10, 2011

Maps of Real Castle Keeps

I found some other pictures of interest over at From Old Books, so I thought I'd share them.  These are all from the book The Growth of the English House by J. Alfred Gotch, published in 1909.

First up is the keep of Hedingham Castle, Essex. 


Next is Haddon Hall, Derbyshire.  Not really a castle, it is actually a medieval country manor house that I find quite interesting.  I like that the plans show how the sections were built over time.

And last but not least is the keep of Warkworth Castle, Northumberland.

1. Vestibule (leading from entrance in basement)
2. Hall.
3. Chapel.
4. Great Chamber.
5. Kitchens.
6. Pantry and buttery.

Most of the unmarked rooms are smaller bedrooms.  The square room in the center of the floorplan is actually a shaft that provides a little air and light to some of the interior rooms.  I believe that the tower seen in the exterior picture of the keep is the top of the shaft.

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  1. These look good. Found your blog looking for maps of castles but you have a load of other great stuff here.