November 4, 2014

Niru: City of a Thousand Sorrows

NIRU - Population 2,500 (mostly human, about 200 Elfulan, and probably 5 or less of every other humanoid species)

Growing Town: +2 Wealth +2 Social
Origin (Ancient Industry-Woodcutting): +2 Wealth
Strong Society (Shared Adversity): +2 Social
Inner Palisades: +2 Military
Outer Stone Walls: +2 Military
Barracks: +2 Military (free upkeep for 1 military unit)
Local Market: +2 Wealth

Military Forces
100 Light Infantry gifted from Sippar (-1M-1W)
100 Elfulans town/magi guards (-1M-1W-2S)*free*

Domain Rating Totals
Military Surplus = 5
Wealth Generated = 5
Social Stability =  4

Treasure/Goods/Materials on Hand = 0
Petty Cash = 0gp

City Info
Back in the good old days, Niru was founded as a small colony of wood cutters clearing out timber for Kutha and sending the excess timber down river.  Now most of the nearby timber has been exhausted.

Niru was a small suburb of Kutha until about 50 years ago when all hell broke loose.  Nergal took the armies of Kutha into the Underworld to challenge Ereshkigal (the goddess of the Underworld), and shortly afterward Kutha was overrun by demons and vampires.  The populous of Kutha fled in all directions and thousands of refugees from Kutha came to live here in Niru.  The Anunnaki who ruled the other cities closed up their gateways into the Underworld and went up into the heavens in their silvery sky-craft.

The "Old Dwarf Road" runs straight through the middle of oldtown Niru.  Oldtown is elevated about 20 feet off of the alluvial plain, level with the old dwarf road, and is surrounded by a wooden palisade.  Oldtown contains about 40 buildings and about 200 residents.  Outside of the palisade is a mud-brick/tent city of a few thousand refugees on the plain below.  Thanks to lot of hard work and stones from the ruined dwarf fort a few miles away, all of the tents and small homes in Niru are now surrounded by a 10' stone wall.  To the west the Old Dwarf Road becomes a draw bridge over the river Euphrates with a lever that lowers in the down position to allow access to Kutha, in the lever's up position the road splits in the middle of the river rising to 90 degrees straight up to block access to the Kutha side.  This has helped Niru to avoid confrontations with the vampires and demons who seem unable to cross the waters of the Euphrates river on their own. Unfortunately there were a lot of boats left behind in Kutha, so there were quite a number of horrible things crossing the river and the canals for that first year or so.  It is currently believed that all those boats and rafts have now been seized or destroyed, but horrible things do still manage to get across the water sometimes.  The Old Dwarf Road runs west past Kutha and into the desert beyond, and to the east it goes past "Swamp Tower" then through the forest, and over the Tigris River, then through a different desert and past the town of Der, and eventually into the Zargos Mountains up to the gates of an ancient dwarven fortress in the mountians.  The Euphrates and Tigris rivers are themselves raised up off of the alluvial plain.  The sediment collects in the riverbeds and along the sides, raising the rivers about ten feet above the the flat plain that surrounds them for miles and miles.

The city of Niru has an issue with Human Supremacists.  The magi currently in control of the city have tamped this down a bit, but anyone else taking control of the town will have to deal with the rampant xenophobia.  Mostly it is a matter of townsfolk suspecting any outsiders of being vampires or vampire minions from Kutha.  However some of it is just straight up human supremacy as espoused by the patrons of "The Weary Ass" tavern.  Those who wish to take control of the city will need to address these issues.

Currently, the city of Niru is a strong society.  The people have endured hardships of famine, overpopulation, and plague.  They have learned to trust one another and work together, but may be overly judgmental of outsiders.

Nearby Locations ---- Niru - 15.07
Town of Urum - 14.06
Dead City of Kutha - 15.05
Town of Kish - 17.05
Swamp Tower- 15.08 (south end of the hex)
The Ruined Dwarf Fort - 13.07
The Chaotic Caves of Chaos - 13.10
Xylarthen's Shattered Tower - 14.12

The Magi of Niru
Zergad - the smiling yet serious one.  He was a young follower of Nergal in Kutha 50 years ago.  He was tasked with going to outlying communities and sending soldiers to aid his master Nergal (which he did), but never went himself to follow his master into the Underworld.  He does not seem to age naturally, and still appears as a young man in his mid 20's.  He wears fine robes and has 3 apprentices who all appear to be older than him.  His apprentices are the lamentation priests, those who can separate the soul of the deceased from their body and send them straight into the afterlife (for a price).  After voting to disband the Watchkeepers he was seen sending out three messengers to the south, but no one seems to know who he was trying to contact.

Kalak - the unpleasant one.  He is the one who brought Ony the Dragonslayer up on charges for assaulting a magi, because while Ony was drunkenly carousing after slaying the Black Dragon he used his telekinesis ability to make Kalak strike himself in the face with his own hand.  Ony got off with a small fine thanks to the votes of the other two leading magi who don't much care for Kalak.  Kalak is dedicated to Sherida, the goddess of the Dawn, wife of Utu.  He originally hails from Sippar, and after voting to disband the Watchkeepers, he sent word to Sippar and was granted command of 100 light infantry (spear, shield, leather armor).  These men have recently taken residence of Watchkeeper Hall and are now marching at Kalak's command toward the Chaotic Caves of Chaos, led by his one and only apprentice Lithsharric (who is a pretty decent guy by all accounts).

Eeyuthezish - the easy going, drug-addled prophet.  He is devoted to the Anunnaki named Nanna, god of the Moon and Divination.  He was the only magi to vote for retaining the Watchkeepers.  After that vote was lost, he contacted the Dragonslayers and paid them to protect Niru for the next month(twice, because he forgot the first time he paid them).  He has three apprentices; Khemtheezh the drug-addled moody paranoid; Medunaira the abstinent, cautious, and cruel lady who controls the finances of her master; and Shmidt who is friends with Lithsharric, uses him to gain alchemical supplies, balances the financial and medicinal needs of his master, and runs an illegal drug business along side his duties as the drug supplying apprentice to the most groovy magi in all the realms.

The Assets of Niru
Inner Wooden Palisade
Outer Stone Walls
Barracks -Home of the Elfulan guards inside oldtown
Local Market - Crazy Gorgathon, Sweeney's General Goods, The Dog Kennel, The Donkey Stables

2 Taverns
Tavern of the Full Tankard - Sam (and Thessel)
The Weary Ass - Hessia (and Porgun the Brute)

Bed and Breakfast - Larissa (and Klairette)

Dog Breeders - Sidahgig (and his two sons Midiigig, and Tibbil)

The Elfulan guards (now led by Kalach who lost an eye while killing the Black Dragon)

The Watchkeepers (now disbanded, most are going east on the caravan to Der.  Watchkeeper Hall is currently being occupied by Light Infantry from Sippar who are upgrading it into a second barracks+Training Grounds which will take months to complete [Training Grounds = +2M -1W + 2nd military unit gets free upkeep])

The Dragonslayers (the PCs, Ony, Sura, Jakob, and Rina, and the few Watchkeepers that they kept on staff being Nikesheb the Thief, Zheel the Halflingon, and Zheg the human Fighter)

Recent Events of Niru (by Month)
1. Plague ended
2. Horrendous Monster (the Ulu tried to cross the river, but failed)
3. No Event
4. Bad Harvest
5. Flood (hex 16.09 is still swampy)
6. Minor Earthquake
7. Bandit activity - elves and orcs attack the tents on outskirts of town
8. Famous Person - PCs kill the black dragon and become Dragonslayers
9. Injustice - Ony put on trial for making Kalak hit himself
10. Minor Earthquake - (remind me to make this happen next session)
11. Accident - upcoming
12 VIP Visit - upcoming

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