February 2, 2012

The end of Winter War 39

I survived my first Winter War! 

I'm almost caught up on sleep now.  I worked every night (11pm to 7am), and attended the convention when I should have been sleeping.  I ended up pretty wrecked by the end, but I enjoyed myself and regret nothing.

I do wonder if I made the correct decision about playing my 4th level elf in Jeff's convention sessions.  I had a great time, but I worried that I might overshadow the new 1st level characters too much.  Also, it made me play cautiously because I didn't want to get my dude killed.  Most everyone else was looking to get their character into trouble and die a heroes death.  I got the impression that maybe some of the other players thought I was being overly cautious.  While I was focused on survival, they just wanted to come away from the session with a cool story to tell.  I can understand that.  So, next time I think I'll roll up a new character.  It'd help me relax and enjoy myself as others lead us into certain doom.

Then again, maybe it was all in my head.  I was pretty sleep deprived and weird by the end.

While I was roaming around the vendors in the main room, I met an artist named Elaine C. Oldham.  I spent maybe a minute describing my character to her, and she had this character sketch of my elf Vithujin ready by the next day.  Pretty sweet.

He's carousing, falling off of a table while showing off drunk.  I imagine that he was telling the story about how he killed the demon thing by using magic in the Sword of the Frozen North.  You can see him wearing the blue breastplate and one of the helmets that we plundered from the Wizard Made of Cancer's goons.  Although he's known for wandering about without any pants (damn that carousing roll), if you look closely you'll see that he's wearing some David Bowie pants from the movie Labyrinth.  I love it.  Thanks Elaine!

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