September 11, 2011

Hit Location/Severity Charts for Ranged Attacks

Inspired by the gun-fighting mechanics in Boot Hill, I've been tinkering with rules to use in Labyrinth Lord for death-rays, boomsticks, and magic wands.

I'm still not certain how I want to handle the to-hit rolls for point and shoot weapons that bypass or ignore armor.  I don't want to use standard AC because hardened scales and quick reflexes don't really help much against bullets.  I'm leaning toward something like a Dex check with modifiers for the target's size and range, but I really don't want to fiddle with a size category chart.  I'll try to figure something out soon.

I do have these other two charts finished, and I quite like them.  These could be useful for any ranged attack.

Hit Location
Odd = Left  [d20]  Even = Right
(add half your level)

1-2    : Hand/Wrist
3-6    : Arm
7-10  : Foot/Leg
11-12: Shoulder
13-14: Groin/Abdomen
15-18: Chest
19-20: Head/Neck

1-9 Outer Ring
10-17 Inner Ring
18-20 Bulls Eye

 Hit Severity
Hit Location roll + 1d20

2-20   : Light Wound
21-26 : Serious Wound
27-40 : Grievous Wound

If the target is using cover don't adjust the to-hit roll, just let the location chart and your common sense tell you if the shot was blocked.  A crossbowman behind a parapet would have his legs and abdomen protected.  Bullet proof vests only help when you get hit in the chest.

The meaning of Light/Serious/Grievous is open to interpretation.  They could represent different save bonuses, damage modifiers, or different effects altogether.  Maybe something like this...

Thrown Melee Weapons
Light:  use smaller die for damage
Serious: normal damage
Grievous: use larger die for damage

Arrows, Bolts, Sling Stones
Light:  half damage
Serious: normal damage
Grievous: double damage

Light: 1 damage per HD of target
Serious: 2 damage per HD of target
Grievous: d4+2 damage per HD of target
(Exceptionally large creatures: 0/1perHD/2perHD)
(Godzilla: 0/0/Annoyed)

Phaser (set to stun)
Light: Hit location is numbed/paralyzed for d4 rounds
Serious: target is stunned for d4 rounds
Grievous: target is knocked unconscious for one turn

Phaser (set to kill)
Light: d6 damage + Save vs. Death +5
Serious: d6 damage + Save vs. Death
Grievous: d6 damage + Save vs. Death -5

Phaser (highest setting/disintegration ray)
Light: Save vs Death or Hit location disintegrates
Serious: Save vs Death or Target and all possessions disintegrate
Grievous: Target and all possessions disintegrate

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