April 2, 2011



I'm not likely to mention it elsewhere, but my name is Nick Peterson.  This is more experiment than blog, testing myself to see if I can make a new post each day.  Perhaps this is an effort to make me a better writer, or to improve the games that I run...  or just to waste time.  Very likely, it will do all three.

It should probably be noted that I have never been officially diagnosed with any mental oddity or impairment.  However it is true that my main reason for making this blog is to collect the gaming notes of my various altered conscies into one convenient location.  Thus my more planny self might cobble together some form of game wherein others find some amount of amusement.

If you find that these notes are of some use to you... well, I'm not sure whether to be pleased about my creative imagination or worried for your sanity.  Either way, it's nice to meet a fellow.

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